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Original title: It is only encounter you, I thought of this hot drama this 95 hind, 16 years old become the boy of gem with respect to work It is only encounter you, I thought of this hot drama this 95 hind, 16 years old become the boy of gem with respect to work

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Heat sows recently ” it is only encounter you ” , drama has broadcasted half, although superhigh broadcasts a quantity, still do not have grading in fabaceous valve however, still be judged to be by the netizen be out of line times, resemble the story of a play or opera of 80 time, of contemporary edition ” love is deep pluvial ” , the knot of Han drama and peaceful drama is fit, the drama that Yan Zhicheng rises is waited a moment, feel actually this drama male one, male 2, female one, female 2 people set what did not let a person like, be Ji Xiaobing personate instead is male 3, let a person warmly want to marry, and the groovy dot of this drama also is very much, quality does not deserve to go up broadcast a quantity.

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For all that, all sorts of eliminate dog blood, complex, affection that make oneself, plot is talked, this drama is among them on the concept explanatory note that devises to gem, it is blame Chang Zheng however, although angular color is,go instead, believe final affirmation still should come back nevertheless, this accedes in conventional technology in the meantime a paragraph, also be to let a person feel this drama, very valuable still idea, also be the place that feels this drama has the spirit exclusively. And this paragraph must let a person think of 95 hind handsome young man, 16 years old become the boy Long Zijia of gem with respect to work.

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Haw ~ he is not an actor, also not be a singer, cooperate to act numerously however art star, get the jubilation of famous actor or artist, still be the God of about a hundred 10 thousand people, the backup force that having on 10 thousand people is met, it is the character like star already. Although also be Gao Yan is worth a handsome young man, but it is the little elder brother that depends on talent base oneself upon truly however, all wool and a yard wide God level figure.

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He follows ” it is only encounter you ” two female advocate same, it is stylist of a gem, actually, although he is a much very big shop sign, more marvelous gem stylist, small make up also can feel it doesn’t matter, and this little elder brother is expensive in can combine traditional culture and art, carry on Chinese element, classic beautiful couple of China the west designs a concept to appear, this must let the person respects and admire.

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And this year just he 22 years old, found from 16 years old oneself brand, and be graduated from the gem design institute of before the world 3 — gem of Sa of Italian Buddha Luo Lun designs an institute, graduate work, more get Italian government invite, contemporary art attended in Foluolunsa double year exhibit. And the writer of gem of engage by special arrangement that he is magazine of wrist watch jewelry not only, work bear the palm countless, and there also is very good public praise in industry of jewelry of Chinese and Western, still contracted the headgear that half recreation encircles, not only big star of a gleam of can adorn, and like Huang Jingyu, easy melt 1000 royal seal, Zhu Yilong waits God of these new student force a moment, can adorn his home deserves to act the role of, and style of a lot of star is old deserving to act the role of is the brand collaboration with him, the high-quality jewelry that is numerous star for use of an emperor is custom-built master, in the meantime, still make for teleplay deserve to act the role of, consequence nots allow small gaze.

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Age gently, already big implement precocious, get for certain the influence of domestic culture, and domestic condition is good, ability can have so tall success, but good as a family circumstances, still have talent so, the person that tries hard again at the same time, spend money however on protective China old thing, get inspiration from which, what must say Long Zijia is to let person envy admire again really is outstanding, resemble gem.

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And can accomplish him so outstanding, still be culture element of China of course, explode from him the design of modelling of character of that group of clear palace of red network, and the effect that he says to suffer grandmother opera to deserve to act the role of as a child, it is full Chinese wind. This lets small make up thought of to sing ” blue and white porcelain ” Zhou Jielun, sing ” on Pure Brightness rain ” Xu Song, because having traditional culture, follow life be closely bound up again, ability can let a person have full sensation, no matter be music, still design, still be drama of movie and TV, those delay the thing that is born from traditional culture, ability lets a person more understand, look get the spirit.

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And ” it is only encounter you ” , although from appearing traditional headgear culture everywhere at the beginning, but the drama that is a failure as before. From female at the beginning advocate grandfather, arrive from the back a few old-timer of custom-built group, although have all sorts of flagrant competition, but it is full hotspot, and gem abandons however after passing to 30 collect this circuitry, overmuch apply colours to a drawing is commerce, affection, conspiratorial, let a person feel special dog blood. And this drama can be more on traditional gem culture acting husband, believe to should be met the design that resembles Long Zijia gets like gem reputably.

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Although this drama is given priority to with affection, but the guardianship on culture of headgear of Chinese traditional gem, innovation, still be pretty desirable, follow this 16 years old to live into ” gem ” the be exactly the same that Long Zijia does now, also hope to have more the person of all sorts of industries, can the traditional culture element China, through oneself the concept innovates, creation more is valuable thing, affect the world.

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