Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: ” with year the love that is an unit ” show wool of Xiao Tong poplar performs a lover again In new network on January 2 electric movies ” with year the love that is an unit ” on December 31, 2021 fair mirror. That day, film holds first show ceremony in Beijing. Film by Mao Xiaotong, poplar presents as leading role to act the leading role, sun Qian, Zhang Haiyu acts the leading role, liu Jia, Fu Shouer is special piece act, li Zhi hold guide.

20220102023128 61d10e80e385d

Spot of first show ceremony. Piece just offer a plan this told about north to bleach sweethearts Liu Lushan (Mao Xiaotong is acted the role of) , Jiang Yu (poplar is acted the role of) in cross acquaintance of the eve of the lunar New Year to be in love, escape estrangement of the generation after a year, hard in mutual company however one ” urticant ” , and in the story that crosses meet again of the eve of the lunar New Year. According to introducing, this piece be Mao Xiaotong and poplar afterwards is in teleplay ” 30 just ” in after collaboration, once more the partner deduces a lover. Mao Xiaotong, poplar is in all with one voice of first show spot, “Quarrel to have tacit agreement most ” . On first show ceremony, the Liu Jia of mom of Shan of personate land deer also shares story of the backstage before the stage. Liu beautiful Ceng Can acts ” hello, li Huanying ” , the mom Zhao Xiaoling of Shan of this deer of second personate land. Ask about in the audience ” Li Huanying ” and ” Zhao Xiaoling ” when difference, liu Jia shared her to fathom the heart road course of the part. “Mother and mother have applicable to both or all, also be to have different, zhao Xiaoling is opposite more independent female, and this kind of her independence also affected Liu Lushan. ” she says. (Be over)

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