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Original title: ” love is mythological ” cannot create box-office myth

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Light dimension (ID:cHaintruth) achieve formerly light finance and economics to manufacture author | Kong Yuexin edits | Deng Shuanglin is encountered cold December 2021 film market, greeted two however in year end homebred ” of public praise make ” : One is animation film ” male lion teenager ” ; Another is by Ma Yi , Ni Hong the actual strength such as clean, Wu Yue, Xu Zheng sends a main actor, new personality directs Shao Yihui hold guide of playwrite ” love is mythological ” . ” love is mythological ” go up after the line, greeted reputably, fabaceous valve gives a mark also from what open branch 8.1 rise to 8.3 all the way, have netizen comment even: “The sheet of a list of names posted up of fabaceous valve year 2021 is released too early, fell ” love is mythological ” the Chinese this 2021 is optimal. ” had looked ” love is mythological ” hind, by Shanghai word ” clever ah clever ah ” the audience of brainwashing, cannot help when fabaceous valve gives a mark, in the comment area backhand leaves the next ” clever ” . Just, photograph comparing applauds at a of the personage inside course of study and senior filmgoer, this film did not obtain resonance in average viewer, be in at every turn 9 minutes + on the platform buying a ticket such as the cat eye, ticket that tax a bank note, ” love is mythological ” grading has only respectively 8.5 with 8.7. Up to on January 1, 2022, show a week much ” love is mythological ” booking office achieves 133 million yuan, and cat eye forecasts placement to be in 291 million yuan to its booking office. Acquire line of business inside numerous reputably ” love is mythological ” , become not only 2021 year old of end film market ” small a dark horse ” , a when direct Shao Yihui to also become filmdom of backside ” a dark horse ” . 2020, the FIRST on ability station achieves Shaoyi brightness cast the dais of the meeting, her a maiden work after a year ” love is mythological ” had shown. This also created FIRST to achieve join meeting project from pat those who show the fastest record. This movie stands in female perspective of love, friendship, close to middleaged group affection depict very afford for thought, make the more that the audience saw different perspective falls likely not only, also can bring new trial and opportunity to film market probably. But why public praise is pretty good ” love is mythological ” , do not create however give box-office myth? The middleaged love below female perspective ” love is mythological ” the story is not complex, between the middleaged person that it basically told about a few lives to be in Shanghai ” love hate is pestered ” . Look be like is one male 3 female middleaged ” Jiekesu ” gut, but the expression that film turns performance and internal heat of extremely rich smoke through the life, weakened fat feeling and suspension touch greatly, let an audience see the expression below more female perspective and point of view at the same time. The Laobai of Xu Zheng personate apparently looking is by ” 3 female conflicting ” big male advocate, but actually, its were broken away from guide oneself before perform the film oneself in fat in produce elite person to set, “Urban petty bourgeois ” Xu Zheng is in this film, became to foil of 3 women leading role ” setting board ” the connector with the story. The old white ex-wife of personate of Miss Li of the old white pursuit of personate of Ma Yi , Wu Yue the old Bai Xuesheng of personate of clean of rainbow of bud bud, Ni Geluoruiya, 3 answer to be without the lady of be mixed in the life originally, in the dining table of Home Laobai photogenic each other was known. This can says ” construct collect field ” dine together, also contributed complete piece one of Gao Guang setting. Lin Lin of peach of peach of film review person expresses, this is a play with his particularly deep impression, “3 women first time meets in Home Laobai the sort of ‘ give tit for tat ‘ occasion, dispute often has dramatic, and can experiencing this clearly is the motion picture that woman director takes, hold the heart is very slight change between a few women and the change that they concern because male director is very difficult so exquisitely. Hold the heart is very slight change between a few women and the change that they concern because male director is very difficult so exquisitely..

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In the meantime, the disposition of 3 female main actors and psychology also were nodded by their actor’s lines come out, of bud bud ” this all one’s life had not raised a woman the child is half-baked ” fictile tradition female, of Geluoruiya ” this all one’s life does not have a woman pedal passes 100 men is half-baked ” make those who go out is cheesy wealthy old woman, of Miss Li ” this all one’s life does not have a woman gain million also is half-baked ” revealed independent female. And 3 females also have a meal in this one in chatting, finished arrive from stranger ” rival in love ” change to the relation of mutual understanding again, also become a friend finally for Miss Li and Geluoruiya, open art exhibition to lay next foundations for Laobai together. Other part also is shown through pen of very few number gave very stereo figure. The small cobbler of peaceful manage personate loves to drink a hand to grind coffee, love to explain philosophy; Tasteful loafer, real heart is having the old black face of personate of week wild awn Suofeiyaluolan this one ” soft costal region ” ; Son Xiaobai of Laobai is a blame tradition that likes to make up ” in relief strong boy ” figure… in addition, laowu tells about him when dining together for the last time ” love is mythological ” , small cobbler by the shoe ” talk about a woman ” renown occasion, xiaobai and cummer complacently follow middleaged person have a love affair one pair this contrast group etc, show gave a director very meticulous and remarkable observation ability. In peach peach Lin Lin looks, although the director is not Shanghai person, but she lived a lot of years in Shanghai, there is observation to pass in Shanghai during the likelihood very much as similar as content of characters in a play example, in just can presenting work realistically so. “A bit this film is the most distinctive, it is from the female the perspective takes middleaged subject matter, not so utility, and what took middleaged person really is ambiguous with exhaustion, a lot of details are very very interesting, unique, be what home cannot see in film of this kind of middleaged subject matter is in before us. ” peach peach Lin Lin expresses. Jinan Dong Wenxin of manager of city of shadow of 100 beautiful palace thinks, shao Yihui is very the talent’s director, “She can comprehend the life particularly, next the point of view that from inside the life extraction allows an audience to feel very interesting, use a kind of speaking mood to tell about. The ‘ that for instance bud bud follows to often say before tango hall in vain I just am the wrong ‘ that can make man of whole the world, one speaks, offend not only the audience the whole room burst into laughter in the cinema, and the account that also chooses clear bud bud and old white divorce. ” and this disposition sees bud bud seem the person with traditional, traitorous actually, change before in work of movie and TV ” virtuous wife fine mother ” the character is modelled, the couple differs cognitively, let the Laobai in audience eye and bud, had one to plant ” wrong ” the men and women concerns. This kind portray consciousness and story tell about means, looking in Dong Wenxin have dye-in-the-wood vanward sex. Still Laobai often goes ” red stroke supermarket ” and ” night goes straight towards cafe ” , be full of Shanghai amorous feelings ” complete Shanghai language ” dialogue, a variety of exquisite in the film are designed, essence of life hit fabaceous valve definitely user and a few be fond of slant the senior filmgoer of literary style, this also is this film is mixed inside course of study get in senior movie audience general reputably reason. Give a group hard ” small endowment predicament ” ” love is mythological ” harvesting high public praise while, also be faced with ” give a group ” challenge. Film broadcasts, the personage inside many course of study forecasts this won’t be ” explode greatly ” film, peach peach Lin Lin states he has this kind to experience when be watched for the first time, “Its booking office won’t be particularly high. ” this kind calculates the content level that is based on it above all. Look in Dong Wenxin, this is one has certain erroneous tendency some are gender, small endowment work, in the estate that a few leading role are in a kind to have Qian Youxian and atmosphere. Show in film Shanghai lives in a lot of respects is special realistically, because its booking office sells first-rately in Shanghai. “But the content that the film tells about the audience to other place, especially small town youth will tell, have certain distance feeling, even a few gut or actor’s lines can let certain person produce affront move. ” not ” bright feels ” be not real business piece, obtain those who get mainstream audience group very hard naturally to like. “This is one normal, sound market phenomenon. ” peach peach Lin Lin expresses. Next, make square choice whole nation show dialectal edition (Shanghai language) the film, meant them to had had certain anticipation to the booking office of this film, this was equivalent to establishing the certain threshold that watch a movie, active ” screen ” a lot of audiences. As the spit of northerner, she expresses to be in when seeing a movie oneself almost whole journey is staring at caption, otherwise a lot of actor’s lines are to understand not. “This also is production a square choice, shanghai language more the has Shanghai amorous feelings love a short simple literacy or artistic creation that is helpful for presenting raw ingredient of a former juice, in the choice artistic level appears more outstanding while, mean abandon letting work get commonner, more of in a popular style approbate, and abandoned higher booking office. ” peach peach Lin Lin expresses. Additional, schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater also became obstacle ” love is mythological ” box-office barmy is important reason. Look in Dong Wenxin, show during christmas, not be ” love is mythological ” best schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, the public praise because of this film is in ceaseless barmy, but current schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater ferments it the process shortened inside a week, because received new year’s day immediately the other platoon of archives piece, the platoon that can immediate cut drops it piece with heat. “Unless the line goes up during new year’s day new piece li of ministry where having break down at a draught on public praise, ” love is mythological ” the likelihood is being discharged piece go up to a little one fills, otherwise very hard the opportunity lets it give a group. ” now a much booking office, be make just accept the booking office inside limits. Nevertheless, dong Wenfang also is forecasted, “If this film is put in,cold schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater ferments slowly the word of public praise, take 3 two 100 million even 34 booking office of 100 million also are not impossible. ” this kind is based on judgement of public praise barmy, it is the affirmation that the personage inside course of study is based on the distinctive perspective of film and gut content to make. Look in the personage inside a lot of course of study, although be to be in likewise,relate the story of middleaged person, but pat with the perspective of the person that the female is created ” love is mythological ” , the work difference of the person that create with the male is very big. “When having a meal together with 3 girls in Laobai, the core of film drops to 3 females body at a draught, whole story also became with respect to development group of play, and unlike before the film of those middleaged subject matter that we see, it is to be centered on the story of a middleaged person. ” peach peach Lin Lin sighs with emotion.

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Before including before long finished net drama ” love is very delicate ” , and ” I am quite good in an alien land ” wait for the woman theme work that heat sowed 2021, it is to be different from male perspective to film the work that come out. These start a writer, especially the person that the female is created is reached through multivariate perspective cut a dot to film and be created, also can let an audience see a wholer world. A lot of audiences are after view shadow, the intention that expresses to this film institute is having different view. Wood of wood of film review person thinks, this film is typical ” there are 1000 Hamlets in 1000 audiences eye ” , unscramble from what angle, have its meaning. Look in Mu Mu, although movie title cries ” love is mythological ” , but what its want to convey is love does not have myth, the couple gets along to also do not have only form, loafer can be affection is planted, the schoolboy can make up, the female is OK also more advocate free. “Miss Li is determined to be the same as old white drag in no longer, a pair of high-heeled shoes can accompany speak bluntly only oneself walk along one Cheng, but coda gave Laobai the chance afresh again. The person considers even oneself do not appear, more want to join what is more,the rather that show love. Real love, not be to be put in the some in myth to plant earnest is loved, however comply with this heart, muddleheaded it may not be a bad idea, sober, instantly that momently delighted with sincerity, the love that is oneself is mythological. ” * topic figure and inside civil match a graph to all originate ” love is mythological ” . The spit in article, Mu Mu is alias. * avoids duty statement: For love or money, the information in the article or state opinion, all do not form the investment to anybody to suggest.

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