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Original title: Sororal mother and daughter is looked like in ancient costume drama, dai female singer cannot help doing sth, silk of black figured woven silk material loves him more Although major now homebred theatrical work gives priority to a problem with love, but also can alternate the description of a few friendship, close affection makes the plot of a play more full have deep idea, so besides young actor, there also can be the actor of elder of a lot of personates in drama, especially leading role people parents goes looking glass rate will be higher, we see the Yan Zhi in ancient costume drama’s not as low as the daughter mother what have together today.

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” big Tang Qing history ” medium Dai female singer and mother and daughter of Gao Yang’s princess, this pair of mother and daughter very cannot help doing sth, although one is Li Shimin’s imperial concubine, one is Li Shimin’s daughter, pass so that be inferior to Everyman however. Be born from Gao Yang case, mother and daughter two be forced to depart, dai female singer is longing for a daughter for a long time to see however do not wear, cause her mood depression, chase gradual change to get act as a lunatic. And although Gao Yang is sufferred all kinds of favorite, live in deceit as a child however, let her chase gradual change to must do not have safe feeling and attributive feeling. This pair of mother and daughter are very tall Yan Zhi, gao Yang serves as female advocate need not say more oneself, and although Dai female singer always is a pair of abjection the appearance of an actor, also give a person a kind of clear however provoking the feeling of pity.

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” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” Zhong Daiqi silk and small clear mother and daughter, the small clear of this one edition although appearance is very discrepant region feeling, but sensory age is a bit old, maintain a bit what do not remove this individual to set is fine-looking, instead silk of black figured woven silk material is beautiful a lot of. The appearance of small clear also has amorous feelings quite, fit the part that drive elder sister hangs, although Dan Xiaozhao has calculation very kind-hearted however, at ordinary times the appearance of an actor also compares cute girl, so whole modelling is violated particularly it seems that and. The mother and daughter in other theatrical work, it is mom care daughter commonly, the daughter is capricious not sensible, but this drama is to turning over those who come completely, silk of black figured woven silk material is really consider oneself only from A to Z, no matter be right,alien still is very selfish to her daughter, let a person very feel distressed small clear.

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” the sword of 3 childes ” in a surname Qiu Di and Ji Furong’s mother and daughter, although of Ji Furong be born is an accident, although her father is a dissembler, but a kind of reed of a surname autumn never is experienced because of the anguish previously and harm crosses Ji Furong, although two mother and daughter get along time does not calculate much, no matter Dan Jifu Chengdu has what worry to be able to say with the mother, depend on and it is thus clear that she loves a mother greatly very much. A kind of reed of a surname autumn regards the world as the first beauty, after marrying, become send grace more dignified, and although Ji Furong does not have a mother fine-looking, however also charming is spruce lovely, exceeding Qing Dynasty is pure. See above 3 pairs of Gao Yan are worth mother and daughter, do you feel who is the most beautiful?

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