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Original title: TVB new theatrical work ” iron fist hero ” will sow, inspect Shi Yong of the Later Tang Dynasty to hit the whole body to hurt, raises of company of propaganda to the enemy at the front line The article edits drama to show a company: Red heart dawn is built without accredit forbidden reprint, the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network complains TVB new theatrical work ” iron fist hero ” the time that predicts to still have a week meets with respect to meeting and audience, this drama can say is suffer many a setback during one’s life, before ever broadcasting for many times, be removed temporarily archives, decide archives eventually nowadays, a good news is the behind the curtain before the stage to not only presumably, to pink of a lot of drama character also is a surprise.

20220102025327 61d113a7178ee

” iron fist hero ” before the name is ” Chinese quarter ” , passed incognito after the new dub with the actor, big desk decides its and outback video website synchronism broadcasts. A lot of audiences regard as this drama ” hero of city stockaded village ” and ” affined ” companion volume, besides be outside holding the position of supervise the manufacture of by Wen Weihong, actor ordinary members of theatrical troupe also has almost some duplicate, so everybody very expect.

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The actor of this drama can say is to make remaining part from the beginning, new join a Tang poetry that becoming leading lady to chant filming there is some of be unable to stand in the process apparently, but since have good fortune,be given by pitch on of supervise the manufacture of histrionic medium part, she can exhaust absolutely the own job that has done oneself with all one’s strength.

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Under photograph comparing, the Chen Zhanpeng of the hero in personate drama has been not the work that shares Wen Weihong first, so he has made an experience, and be chanted in Tang poetry look, chen Zhanpeng very the shot of have the aid of that understand will show his most perfect one side, when patting a movement to make fun of especially, he can give supervise the manufacture of most wanted result.

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Since take file so intentional, the Tang poetry nature that chant is done not have little to go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of the other side, and she expresses learns thing to film in not long ago ” invisible battle group ” in have apply, the effect also is very beautiful, whether to know Chen Zhanpeng has chant to Tang poetry ask for tuition?

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Besides the assume personal command after inspecting the Supreme Being besides two, of Chen Shancong, Yao Ziling and Mr Wang strong and pervasive fragrance joining in also is add many window for this leap. What be worth to be carried most among them is Chen Shancong and Yao Ziling this pair often takes file, they cooperated early or late much department theatrical work, popular feeling of development of figure of fictile screen sweethearts, cooperate this again, also be scintilla 4 splash.

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The part of the Yao Ziling in drama is sinister gang a thousand pieces of gold, her skill in wushu is preeminent, modelling 100 change, the setting of waist of dew of shoulder of dew thering is no lack of is more in the center, can say very sexy. Although this part in every respect very conspicuous, but the father as a result of her is heavy male light female thought is serious, because this is done not have,get put sb in a very important position.

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And refer and the emotional line of old Shan Cong, yao Ziling did not disclose too much, express to be able to divide cent to close with the other side only close several times. The 100 falsification to the Yao Ziling in drama, although Chen Shancong is admiring have add, but claim to do not have however ” big feast one’s eyes on ” feeling, because two people are familiar with too too really, so possible sentence, hope and Yao Ziling at an early date ” dissolve a partnership ” .

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Early before in broadcasted drama anthology prevue, yao Ziling and Tang poetry chant the show share that has many fighting each other it seems that, although be,two people are in in drama therein ace, beforehand also has seek action of special master study acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance, but have posture for nothing from beginning to end, partial audience more think to affectation is shown a bit in the process of two people compare notes, give a person the sense of foot of soft be irresolute when firmness is needed. This Tang poetry chants the condition that also contains a tiny bit of ashamed regret it seems that, after all she does not have dancing and wushu strength, although had learned as far as possible, try to satisfy the visual experience of the audience, but be done from beginning to end less than letting that each netizens that seek theatrical work are satisfactory.

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And making show is to take remaining part from the beginning, lacking the Tang poetry of experience to chant also is to do not have little get hurt, she laughs at talk is big high level to should consider the actor raises that makes fun of to flap, otherwise originally remuneration is be expected to fall is hit solely insufficient. The Chen Zhanpeng that inspect the Supreme Being still assentations the other side, on annual prize-giving ritual, still should establish ” optimal movement ” award, this is told to the actor also is a not small encouragement. Just do not know this actor offer to whether be met by the high level of TVB people consider?

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