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Original title: ” lens twin city ” what is Su Ma’s ending? Why can Su Ma become a man? Tecent video next year ancient first quarter occasionally drama, you most which to expect? ” lens twin city ” Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi predicts January bottom or leave at the beginning of Feburary sow. What is the ending of Su Ma of lens twin city? The ending of Su Ma of lens twin city is what teleplay ” lens ยท twin city ” Su Ma ending is dead, exchange freedom for shark person, give oneself life, guided shark person to return the sea. The ending of the everybody in whole department theatrical work still has been compared, only alone only Su Ma died, more miserable still; Su Ma nature is more special, the person is set darker, all the time since of love bear, be based on Su Ma all the time the experience since, dying only probably just is his disengagement, become bubble finally to answer be attributed to the sea, can come back every year see Bai Ying as tide.

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In the book though Su Ma set is the blind, but hundred years after returning, be looked at and normal person does not have distinction, su Mo is exiling hundred years in, can have looked matter with memory, but the eye is blind still, the body loss before is too big, force of emperor of successive later sea, dragon god helped him get a new body, the eye is so good. The absolutely beautiful love of Su Mabai Ying, but also because of Su Ma bear, let a person not by feel distressed, pay silently all the time, never had wanted to want to get Bai Ying’s response, the face is not line of very heavy feeling actually before place, men and women advocate feeling most urge a tear to be in last. Why can Su Ma become a man

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” lens twin city ” Su Ma became a man because of Bai Ying. Su Ma is shark person, their set is there is sexual distinction before manhood, they can choose sex when grow up, if liked to go up woman, can become a man, can become a woman conversely, su Ma became a man because of Bai Ying, although do not admit oneself like on his mouth,went up Bai Ying, but in the heart real feeling, still let him become a man, this is him must approbatory fact.

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