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Original title: ” on the west travel notes ” the actor that values most, the director wraps a plane to ask her to come, film only a camera lens The teleplay with the most classical say, if ” on the west travel notes ” it is the 2nd, so the first is to who won’t sit. ” on the west travel notes ” had accompanied a few acting people to grow, every time cold summer vacation, or holiday, total meeting sees the figure of this drama on TV. At present till, ” on the west travel notes ” it is a teleplay with most rebroadcast, the Jinisi that had broken the world record, be very fierce?

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Film at that time actually ” on the west travel notes ” when, no matter be to make up technology, still film equipment, or the processing of later period, mix mix now cannot place on a par. But a variety of difficulty did not stop this theatrical work film and wonderful. Of course, can obtain be proud so the person’s achievement, each with this drama relevant personnel is inseparable, direct Yang Jie especially.

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Film at that time ” on the west travel notes ” when, capital is very finite, regard this as department theatrical work ” commander in chief ” Yang Jie, it is to wish to divide one yuan into a few to spend really. And at that time, the main actor in drama the Tang Dynasty monk, pig person of cool one’s heels of 8 give up, Sun Wu, a day of remuneration that come down also is 60 money are controlled only. Nevertheless at that time although the condition is very difficult, remuneration is not much also, but everybody does not mind, more for the dream in the heart.

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Nevertheless even if is funds insecurity, dan Yangjie is directed still is to ask one the individual’s arrival, spent a lot of scheming and money. Yang Jie says even, if be less than this person to give the word that act please, ” on the west travel notes ” did not pat. Later, she promised to go out act, but because time is too pressing, yang Jie returned a bag to issue a plane to receive send her. And the actor that this Yang Jie values so, namely the Tang Dynasty the Ma Lan of the person that act of monk mother.

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The Ma Lan at that time goes out in Taiwan performed Huang Mei to make fun of, huang Mei lets make fun of directly later in Taiwan be current, basic each person is met hum on 9, how star Liyou of Ma Lan is fierce at that time it is thus clear that. And when Yang Jie invites Ma Lan, just Ma Lan is very busy, planning a show, do not cross her or promise to go out perform this role.

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Yang Jie feels Malante does not suit to go out act the Tang Dynasty the monk’s mother, it is the way that thinks invites Ma Lan all the time so, and eliminated all difficulty. Because Ma Lan’s timeline is very pressing, so last pass on a message is Yang Jie the package left a plane. And the one behind the curtain that Ma Lan is filming Jing admires, hurried back. Actually Ma Lan’s camera lens has only, stand namely upstair taking big-leaf hydrangea to choose flexibly Lang Jun, sweet appearance is I see really still pity, jing admired days.

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Actually Ma Lan still has an another capacities, it is the wife of well-known writer Yu Qiuyu. A pair of appearance of male talented woman, it is heaven-made union really. ” on the west travel notes ” the actor Ma Lan that values most, director Yang Jie wraps a plane to ask her to come, film a camera lens flies away only!

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