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Original title: Look again after 15 years ” pass outside Wu Lin ” , discover detail of conscience of behind the curtain, far than gut more shake 2021, be ” pass outside Wu Lin ” sow 15 years. Shang Jing directs dispatch: “15 years, are you not bad? ” the instant, countless audiences are immersed in ” memory is killed ” , before asing if to be returned again 15 years, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” just open sowed day.

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2006 2 days, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” in CCTV 8 gold archives leaves sow, sow the first day, the leader in the stage sees viewing rate is only 1.91% , breathe out continuously: “Was over, this drama is rose not to come ” . Ever also spoke even Ni of main actor Yan, that paragraph of time is met ” requirement ” before father sits in the television, leave alone can understand, must insist to look, because can raise viewing rate. But everybody did not think of, this is leaving sow viewing rate ” disastrous defeat ” teleplay, finally actually self-confidence arrives dare big ending that one collect, with 2006 spring put late in same time paragraph.

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Because ” pass outside Wu Lin ” as sow, it is one day compares a day of fire, even if already was passed now,go 15 years, the repetition that has countless audiences as before is watched, 100 see not tire of. Why this teleplay 15 years ago, invite an audience as before up to now ” cannot help doing sth ” ? Probably only you know the detail of behind the curtain of this drama truly, ability is experienced in those days to film this drama, collectivity advocate achieve it is not easy to have many!

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1 takes eve, one 3 fold ” pass outside Wu Lin ” creating when, it may be said is difficult and heavy, the first difficulty writes a script namely. In those days, peaceful playwrite is written ” pass outside Wu Lin ” , write at the same time feel to want to be finished at the same time, because he becomes aware,laugh so that oneself write so that did not do. The friend hears of peaceful playwrite to write comedy be anxious, remind him in succession, “So truer dry? Do on the net laugh at Duan Zi so much, look for a few to become casually the story is archetypal, did not come out! ” peaceful playwrite listened, rhetorical question path: “Are you an audience when fool? The Duan Zi of the have words on the net, is that to be achieved formerly? The Duan Zi that the audience saw a few times, can you still be do laugh? Can you still be do laugh??

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Probably, make comedic mind seriously because of this kind just about, just let us see a different Wulin all corners of the country, also let us see write a play the heart is mixed first serious. With respect to the main part in taking theatrical work: The backside of jade of proprietress Tong Hunan, be ” inn of dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat ” in 10 thousand kinds gold sets amorous feelings jade; Exhibit the prototype of hall in vain, be ” 3 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct 5 justice ” in ” Bai Yutang ” and ” exhibit clear ” assembly, a name has been alluded actually, bai Zhantang this part, since thief is contradictory disposition of emperor; Li Da mouth name plum beautiful lotus, shirt-sleeve ” peerless double arrogant ” medium Li Da mouth, and ” script for story telling of clear Ping Shantang ” medium Li Cuiping; Mo Xiaobei, guo Furong, it is greeting classical ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” and ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ; Be pleasant to the eye even drama be like ordinary Lv Xiucai, also be to have interest greatly, prototype is archetypal it is ancient dragon your work ” Chu Liuxiang legend ” the Zun Qinghou in;

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Not only main part has interest greatly, join the appear with anther leading player in drama, also be each body negative literary quotation. Female singer is taken without the life from ” sword of amorous swordsman callosity ” , breaking prototype of thill pointing to a small room is ” peerless double arrogant ” Xuan Yuan 3. Although these parts come from each knight-errant stories, but ” peaceful playwrite ” did not copy completely, pass oneself artistic processing however, gift the form with new role and story. such, below the main creation of peaceful playwrite, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” the play draws up came, the director also is Shang Jing certainly, but even if had a scenario, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” this project cannot be started however, because search,do not come investor.

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The reason that everybody does not value is very simple, feel namely this play too ” a powerful and unconstrained style ” . It is: Story of an all corners of the country, did not hit however dozen reduce killed Wu Linhao sentiment, instead content setting set is in a hotel, a lot of people feel this does not accord with reason; 2 be: You are an ancient costume drama obviously, still alternating however ” Shakespeare ” English actor’s lines, still collective jumps the bridge of square dance paragraph, somebody feels this is ” monkey business ” . But still be being respected and playwrite when knitted brows is locked up closely, walk along head on eventually ” loss is big ” , he is investor Hao Yaning.

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Hao Yaning reads a script, after the conception that listens to playwrite and director, did not feel this has how ” do not accord with constant manage ” , feeling this is likely instead is comedic history go up, be broken through boldly and try. Finally, hao Yaning invests certainly, this ability had ” pass outside Wu Lin ” be born truly.

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2 actors and director hammer and tongs classical birth backside is ” dead knock ” 2004, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” leave formally pat, the play staff is built on a hill, on four sides ” Liao Mo signs of human habitation ” , everybody considers a scenario besides risk one’s life needlessly, without other entertainment choice. The main actor that this drama chooses, do not be big wrist, but everybody is right the manner of the performance, it is serious however after all. The Yao Chen of personate Guo lotus, when those just the university graduates, ferial in introvert, not quite talktive, but however show ” Guo Nvxia ” the disposition of fire of wind wind fire;

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The jade of proprietress Tong Hunan of Yan Ni personate, look be like amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, careful calculation and strict budgeting, it is however outside play ” small confused ” , do not have a person to know, do in drama laugh ceaseless, for love crazy she mad, just end a paragraph of marriage that is as long as 10 years actually, the anguish in reality can’ts bear;

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And that looks be like ” 100 without use ” scholar of gentle and weak, a fact is however in reality dozen solid super learn bully, the Yu Entai when those still is a graduate student, for the marrow of show Lv scholar, the back became ripe ” the analects of confucius ” , can say only however finally ” child, once had said ” ;

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Same personate ” pilfer emperor ” Bai Zhantang’s Sha Yi, with Li Da the ginger of the mouth exceeds, two people also not ” relaxed ” . Two people because part cause, one should reduce weight quickly, one should add muscle quickly. Then, to supervise and urge Sha Yi reduces weight model body, crew drinks even him saliva, want to be being stared at closely; And the imagination that Jiang Chao cooks to accord with, everyday steamed stuffed bun of a few flesh fills in toward abdomen;

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Most the acting that the most surprising is Mo Xiaobei person, wang Sha Sha, she at that time still is a student really, since actor, become even of the play staff ” wushu is directive ” , because only she can hit a school,teach ” the Olympic Games grows a fist ” .

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But it is such a gang actors, guide in what direct Shang Jing below, dedicated a Wu Lin is classical. In video of titbits of behind the curtain, can see the the entire cast’s biggest characteristic, it is the hand does not leave a play, director Shang Jing does not leave the left and right sides. Original, leave every time before patting, director Shang Jing can stand in aside, give actors patiently to tell joke, say what actor’s lines from everybody, make what motion, can make what expression until film, all spends authority ahead of schedule. In the process of creation, has what new idea, new thinking, put forward in time, adjust, adjust again, everybody takes trouble, also do not fear wasteful time, it is to had done this to the ministry makes fun of and try hard entirely.

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A paragraph of titbits with very deep impression, the as it happens of the record is, li Da mouth suffers ” kitchen knife door ” be cheated that paragraph. Hand of all of a few main actors takes a scenario at that time, each undertake trying play ahead of schedule, although not be to leave formally,pat, but trifling matter of neither one person, everybody is extremely serious, go, movement, expression, be in of the director guard a pass strictly in. Do not need the Mo Xiaobei of actor’s lines repeatedly, also be did not loosen momently, she is very serious be inning writes brush word, a piece another piece write. Probably, the camera lens that Mo Xiaobei writes, it is flash only and over- , dan Wangsha Sha was not perfunctory however, connect small child so serious, imagine not hard, dou Jingye goes to the actor of this drama what degree!

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This play took 8 months full, crew got along commonly like the family member in the play staff 8 months. Draw near kill blueness when, a main actors smile with everybody the part that says good-bye, with respect to this one camera lens, patted several times continuously. Because of everybody ” laugh not to come out ” , do not laugh not only, some actors still do not dominate a sentiment, cry red eye.

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Director Shang Jing is very sad also, but the banquet that the world did not come loose, have begin to have an end, and he hopes more audience a relaxed ending. Then, see final winding-up stage when the audience, greatly caption is written, “Before 80 be over ” when, a lot of people although have,do not abandon at that time, but do not feel affection, always think from the back still have ” hind 80 ” . Whose expect, went 15 years, we are done not have from beginning to end when.

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10 3 years shut-eye is won with Fumeng the name is passed to the audience says outside Wu Lin, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” in although was not hit,hit kill, let us see a right all corners of the country however. What is all corners of the country? When Guo Furong of one mind wants to compare military accomplishment with Bai Zhantang, theory be defeated when winning, bai Zhantang said a word one time, make person aftertaste boundless up to now: “Is practice martial arts to use those who compare? Military accomplishment is when needing it truly the use on the clique. Robber came you can greet head crackdown, the road sees rough you can unplug knife photograph is aided, be in only these moment, military accomplishment just can produce its real power, and the fountainhead of this might, result from a healthy atmosphere in your heart. A person wanted him to have this healthy atmosphere only, seasonable he does not have military accomplishment, all the same can the world is inapproachable. All the same can the world is inapproachable..

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What is chivalrous? When Bai Zhantang ” pilfer emperor ” when identity abundantly clear, guo Furong is one face to him adore, think he is ” pilfer Yi Youdao ” , it is true master. Right now, bai Zhantang tells to her again: “What calls pilfer Yi Youdao? It is nonsense completely, the thief is a thief, do not have the cent of what good thief and bad enemy, steal a thing to grab bit of thing to send a person casually, cry chivalrous? Take pull point to for, although the thing is small, the abominable effect that it causes is effaced hard, social order is random, social conduct is bad, the accredit between person and person alls gone between instantly, if this is alleged justice, the sort of justice that must come, I would rather not want. I would rather not want..

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In hotel, bai Zhantang should is exclusive one, in the person that all previous in all corners of the country has drilled, but playwrite and director monarch additionally however path, let him come from all corners of the country to retire from public life however hotel, and use oneself old practice, going what telling about to everybody is right all corners of the country. Automatical, follow Bai Zhantang this part, we can know, right before all corners of the country, not be to hit dozen kill, however favor 100 condition.

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After 15 years, look again ” pass outside Wu Lin ” , the place that feels this drama is the most brillant suddenly, use namely most the story of a powerful and unconstrained style, tell about the plainest life truth to everybody. For instance, use Lv Xiucai and Guo lotus get along, advisory youth treats love. When Lv Xiucai and Guo lotus mump, tong Xiangyu say: “Not evaporate steamed bread disputes an implication, can Where is this gas? It is the ambition that go all out to become strong, not be the complaint of bowel of little stomach chicken, for thing of bits sesame seed is big, get him turn from side to side half alive, return complicity the person all round, is this worth while? Is this worth while??

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Same, also use Bai Zhantang and Tong Xiangyu’s old practice, remind everybody to want to cherish lot, awe-stricken marriage. “All one’s life very short, if Bai Ju is too unoccupied place, written in water, and this kind of mood is very long, if the high mountain is big plain, endless. ” in Bai Zhantang and Tong Xiangyu, explore to each other in, a lot of people are two people regrettablly, but same this also lets ourselves get along mediumly in the life in, know dare cherishing He Yong be?

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Again for instance, this drama lets us bright logic, know stand or fall, teach us to do a nicer person. Tong stone is chased after wish incomparable when, does he ask a scholar what is right man? The scholar says: Right man is big mouth drinks big impediment flesh, regardless of trival matters, but actually these are exterior phenomena, right man is to handle affairs on the up-and-up, not messy dare take on. And wish incomparable say however: Right man, the most important is to dare take on, not be to go out finish sth push toward others body. Similar such truth, there still is a lot of in drama, fine fine savour one time, with respect to meeting discovery, this drama is to wrapping around actually comedic appearance, will promote most 3 view.

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4 15 passes went ” pass outside Wu Lin ” it is dispatch of Shangjing of classics mortgage director as before, deep feeling ” pass outside Wu Lin ” had left sow 15 years, ask authority: “15 years, are you not bad? ” , have a girl, spoke oneself truest feeling. She says: “Director, I am very good, I blossommed a girl that has sense of humor, meeting a variety of dialect, I learned not to lie, not indulge gamble. I still am asking myself, pass outside Wu Lin what to bring me, it is my life, I now all active then 12 years old up Nian Wulin gives. Thank the everyone that sends outside Wu Lin! Thank the everyone that sends outside Wu Lin!!

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If this girl says, it is very much probably like ” pass outside Wu Lin ” the aspirations of the audience. Since ” pass outside Wu Lin ” after sowing, do not know to bring laughter for how many audience, think and comprehend. Somebody treats this drama as ” drama of god of go with rice ” , somebody is saved with this drama ” not happy ” , return somebody to regard this drama as ” untimely needs ” , when knowing what to see, total meeting is taken look again.

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Celebrated director Qiu Litao ever said, “A work is good, not be the public praise that sees its instantly, however after 10 years. ” went 15 years nowadays, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” the position in heart of a lot of audiences, cannot replace as before. Probably, 15 years when just had not gone, even if next after 15 years, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” also can make a person bear in mind constantly, it resembles a cup of old wine, time is longer, flavour is even more full-bodied. Because true classical, it is not merely 100 see not tire of, it is to be in more the 100 backside that see not tire of, because,people always is met of the age grow, get discover and be comprehensioned newly. No less than ” pass outside Wu Lin ” same, no matter how many pass,believe to go, it is that most cured all corners of the country!

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