Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Because remuneration little refus acts ” discriminate is passed ” , push again today ” the strategy that delay happiness ” , one situation is bad step by step wrong In recreation the circle has a lot of actor, these actor there is no lack of the person that a few won’t pick a play, e.g. Huang Xiaoming, be in before the movie that promoted a few conflagration, hold the actor in both hands in succession however red, a lot of people say on the net Huang Xiaoming is not known choose, eye is very poor really, and the actor there are plenty of such people that loses the main chance with Huang Xiaoming is, small today making up what should say is Deng Cuiwen.

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Wen of a gathering of things or people saying Deng this name, most propbably everybody is not very familiar, she is Hong Kong person, it is a professional actor, person morale is very high when just going out, still be called to be next Weng Meiling by the netizen, then she made the part of n/COL the head of a family name of TVB, brought a lot of classic work to us, for example ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” , ” women a fierce and powerful person ” and ” return Zhugege newly ” etc suffer a person to seek the work of movie and TV that hold in both hands, can say the resource at that time is first-rate.

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But respecting Deng comes together now the name of Wen, believe a lot of people were not known, before this actually she also has a lot of opportunities to be able to make an audience new know, in ” discriminate is passed ” the play staff searchs when coming, want to let her personate empress, but was rejected as a result of the problem of remuneration, helped sb to fulfill his wishes finally Cai Shaofen, cai Shaofen passed this drama successfully to greet a career the 2nd spring, subsequently Deng Cuiwen is being accepted special regret also expresses when interviewing.

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Later old day favor Deng Cuiwen, ” the strategy that delay happiness ” the play staff looks for Deng Cuiwen likewise, nevertheless this Ciqueyin is Wen of a gathering of things or people of Deng of a few other reasons to did not go out as before perform this teleplay, it is to be able to say one situation is bad really step by step wrong, ” the strategy that delay happiness ” there is very good echo after this drama broadcasts, after a lot of netizens are informed a message, feel regretful for Deng Cuiwen, the meeting is serious all the more when believing Deng Cuiwen is continueing to pick a play next nevertheless.

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