Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: 2022 not drama barren, zhang Zhilin, Chen Zhanpeng offers good play! 3 exceed drama of harbor of strong battle array to be about to raid greatly Believe this month, the young associate that likes the theatrical work that chase after harbor people won’t drama barren! ” the lofty ideal hero of flying tiger ” , ” surprise search inn ” , ” division of haunted house cleanness ” and ” fall in love with me decline god ” successive the harbor drama of each different is heating up much ministry subject matter in sowing, win pretty good public praise.

20220102025555 61d1143bd15d6

Step into 2022, still 3 harbor dramas that have a strong lineup likewise are about to raid, ” iron fist hero ” , ” familial honor ” and ” green shameless ” back-to-back calm archives broadcasts, you more where ministry to expect? Look together. On January 10 head sow ” hero of city stockaded village ” the motion that the the old cast makes is comedic, chen Zhanpeng, Tang poetry is chanted, many minor unripe female roles perform Chen Shancong, Wu Yunlong, Wang Junxin, Yao Ziling sincere make fun of to fleshy acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance.

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The story is setting with the Thailand of 60 time, chen Zhanpeng is good at ” 8 extremely fist ” , Chen Shancong is good at ” peaceful fist ” , Wu Yunlong is good at ” big fist ” , self-improvement of solidarity of 3 male gods attacks local black power, protect Thailand Chinese quarter.

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This drama also is bone of TVB old show the posthumous work of Ceng Wei authority and Liang Shunyan, also be the drama market stock that the Wang Junxin that just left mew stays. Waited 3 years to be able to decide archives eventually, detonate drama to confuse again people expect a cost! On January 4 head it is absolutely and OK to sow this drama can says is to left 2022 year the strongest battle array! Collect became neat Zhang Zhilin, Yang Yi, Li Caihua, Luo Ziyi, Xiong Dai forest, Huang Hao like that, the rich and powerful family that bone of many old show acts the leading role contends for Guo Zhenghong produce play, sororal each other is fought, brotherly calculate, husband and wife is betrayed, multi-line is hand-in-hand the rich and powerful family that unveils everybody a group of things with common features is contended for produce disturbance.

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” familial honor ” still make single-handed by Liang Jiashu of supervise the manufacture of of Hong Kong gold, drama anthology mass has assure, should not be the net drama that relies on a battle array to sell feelings.

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On January 17 head sow this drama same by TVB gold supervise the manufacture of Pan Jiade personally assume personal command is made, xuan of You Yude assist, Ding Zilang, Liu Ying, Dai Zuyi, You Jiaxin, Lin Zhengfeng many young actors present as leading role to act the leading role, the battle array is full of new move.

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Youth of drama market rally and nostalgic two large elements, take you to pass through the dream workshop of 80 time, part with in former days red star serves as chief source, the dialogue in drama is full of time feeling with word, scenic prop, add use brand-new technology, appear vividly of group of 80 time entertainment at the audience at the moment.

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Did not fear drama crop failure 2022, the behavioral comedy that is about to broadcast, rich and powerful family is contended for produce drama, green and nostalgic play, 3 are about to open sowed harbor play, you more where ministry to expect? # brushs the # of 100 kinds of poses of drama

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