Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: After adversary ending, still meaning still did not use up! Want to come more of standard of a few coequal quality? Think of Liu Yunlong Say really, had [windstorm eye] this country brings subject matter advanced face matting wears play of contemporary espionage war, everybody was opposite [adversary] this color that flies play of sowed contemporary espionage war to hold how old expectation, more the net drama that a country still alternated to bring subject matter during be being fastened to carry this, that but greatly divine drama —

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The type theatrical work that can’ts help letting a person bring subject matter to the country generated suspicion of a silk: contemporary time paragraph espionage battle clue, true does with respect to be not a patch on latter-day espionage battle let a person that kind look compactly to burn a brain?

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But the gut that rises and fall as free and easy, imperceptible after seeking the whole audience, the heart is in the contented move that acquires the sort of manna is cannot character says.

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Just began to go up the Li Tang of the line and Ding Meixi, still thinking is decent, but as gut chase after deep hind, talent is witting and original they are conceal in the Taiwan with old mainland (abandon) secret service,

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Not only the time passes closely cling to cling to, the provide for the aged that is pair of future more arose be anxious full-bodiedly! But what make them did not think of more is:

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Above had not considered issue of their provide for the aged at all, handle them in order to allow the kind that living person shuts up however directly.

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As of another spy go up ceaselessly line, be arrested, confess, the leader that the country brings Duan Yingjiu just can be highlighted gradually come out, the nation that leading her installed a group to capture an another spy member,

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And obtain the other and emissary information that conceal is in the mainland through levering their mouth, dug a nest of another spy to nod! The firm of firm of Pure Brightness sky that is clean up mainland gave a strength.

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Accompany those who conceal two the deepest emissary Li Tang and Ding Meixi to be arrested early or late confess, the whereabouts of head forest is gradually Anacreontic also, one is mixed around Lin Zhiguo ” national treasure ” after obtaining positive result finally,

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Conceal is in the mainland all spy of mansion city all uproot, this minister amounted to the play of contemporary espionage war of 37 collect to also enter the canto of end!

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After the award people according to their contributions inside large auditoria ends, each answer each the home, each look for each Mom —

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The country that come out martials attire installs a person to also return to flat life afresh in the center. And as experience deepen and make new comprehension to domestic understanding gradually!

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When ” complete the end ” 3 big character appear at the center of screen, meaning still unexhausted audience the in dropping a hand remote controller of this Caiyiyibushe,

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The wonderful gut picture that begins to listening to music of these last trailer to recalling this theatrical work — pass again in brain.

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Recall the more, the more wonderful, also expect the more! Just. . . Good thing cannot duplicate, even if duplicates completely, the likelihood also is not that wanted taste!

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What including in the wonderful element that should think of this drama is ” contemporary espionage battle ” when 4 words, old pink of battle of a lot of espionage thought of that is in again deep ploughing of espionage battle subject matter is old ” espionage battle is patristic ” — Liu Yunlong! (come, if be him, the students surpasses the teacher and blue what excel, also had expectant possibility. )

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The word says: Liu Yunlong directs [the city of Chi Zha] seem to be in next year, oh not, it is this year left 2022 sowed — wish everybody Happy New Year. 2022 hearts think the thing is become, good luck!

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