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Original title: Discriminate passes: The 2nd times drop blood admits close, why does discriminate kneel down to her? So she helped so much person To teleplay ” discriminate is passed ” believe everybody has been familiar with very much, the audience that has seen this play people the palace after knowing to this is makes fun of greatly, and it is director of You Zhengxiao dragon, in this drama Sun Liye is a role that performs ancient costume theatrical work the 1st, but the discriminate of her personate really keen, as if oneself are part itself. And grandson the accord that the acting of couple also got authority is approbated. The special cruel heart with the between emotional true show that there still is fruit county king in of the discriminate in this drama and the emperor.

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When discriminate just entered palace, she also is absorbed to the emperor. Which girl is conceived spring? The discriminate at that time also is looking forward to with the emperor two the individual’s happiness did not come, she still thinks the emperor also is as her. But did not think of a of yuan of empress to he is pure nevertheless vicarious just. Such discriminate strength was borne how possibly such abasement, but discriminate still cherishs pregnant at that time, be in the 3rd day when be delivered of Long month so, discriminate wants to leave palace with respect to what fling caution to the winds, and gave Long month respect the wife of a prince to bring up. After coming to manna temple cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, discriminate and fruit county king the feeling of two people also is rapid after warming up, discriminate decides affection in peak of reach the clouds with fruit county king, and return conceived the child of fruit county king. But cannot think of,transmit fruit county king however ” die tragicly ” message.

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Although discriminate is extremely sad, but to protect the two blood arteries and veins of fruit county king she decides to answer palace. It is under the help of Jin night tide and Su Peicheng, discriminate stops successfully already in the serve outside palace, of follow a rational line to do some work well returned palace. After answering palace, the unfavorable situation of discriminate is more difficult, the about twins gossip in palace had not stopped all the time. Most because the abdomen of discriminate compares those who be the same as month to want it seems that,begin a lot of bigger, and discriminate with twins is in abdomen, give this job concealed the past. Later is to be troubled by more gave drop blood to know dear thing, fortunately the object of Qi suspicion aing concubine of an emperor is Wen Shi first, and discriminate follows Wen Shi is innocence more first. Blood of this one drop admits can be soul-stirring really in person. Although after many twists and turns, but final Qi noble is defeated very miserably, and the ending that empress devises clever strategies also is suffering a crushing defeat, the one’s life experience of 6 A elder brother is great also practise deception.

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But this thing still does not have an end however, although fruit county king is put to death, but the Yuan Che of one’s own son that 6 A elder brother grows to follow fruit county king more more resembles. This moment the emperor just suddenly be enlightened. Also had drop blood the 2nd times to admit close. But the illness of this moment the emperor is more and more serious, and the 1st times drop blood identifies the blood that he did not use when kissing, this so the emperor patted music of summerly cut down to take the blood of 6 A elder brother, it is to should use oneself blood to come again apparently check. Xia Yi only then be to have this thing secretly, discriminate is so complete not know the inside story, fortunately Xie Lan depends on the intent that discovered the emperor in time and save from inside Xia Yi’s hand played 6 A elder brother. This just also prevented drop blood the 2nd times to admit close. Xie Lan is depended on also having the grace that help to discriminate . Depend on in Xie Lan after helping elder brother of below 6 A, discriminate is depended on more suddenly to Xie Lan fell on his knees.

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This one genuflect also opened discriminate directly twins’ one’s life experience, know Xie Lan depends on pair of fruit county king a deep feeling, so discriminate also does not plan to hiding the truth from Xie Lan to depend on again, tell Xie Lan to be saved according to her those who fall is not others, however the hematic arteries and veins of fruit county king. Xie Lan depends on the favour that wants those who repay fruit county king to help all the time, but how the wife of a prince aing concubine of an emperor that she became the emperor into palace, it is so when the hematic arteries and veins that these two children that are informed discriminate are fruit county king, she decides with the life mutual. This leaf billows is depended on save the life that those who fall is discriminate and two children not only. If twins’ one’s life experience is exposed. Gens of discriminate family name can be its be buried with the dead for certain, and one arteries and veins also wants fruit county king by drag in among them, so Xie Lan is saved according to this laid too much person, discriminate also appreciates 0 tears to him. What view do you have to this thing?

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