Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: ” big gate of an old-style big house ” conceal big Ga mediumly, siqingaowa, Chen Baoguo is in, direct walk-on greatly ” big gate of an old-style big house ” this drama is successive be placed in the middle make immortally, TV station of this drama centrally broadcasts the eyeball that attracted everybody, got of everybody love, carried off at that time close inspect champion, this drama, what basically tell is the state that comes a few of herbal medicine shop years and the thing that produce, be in this drama, all sorts of big Ga are inside, it may be said is group of Ying Hui a gathering of things or people, does that let our check have those after all next?

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Siqingaowa is an old artist, she took on in this drama important role, she these year will obtain a lot of movie and TV to accomplish by right of acting. Everybody affirms Chen Baoguo also is exceedingly familiar, he had had the work of a lot of thorough popular feeling before this drama, also was to win various honor and award.

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Careful scrutiny this drama, you can discover a lot of minor minor role are in now is very famous, for instance Zhang Yi is sought, old paean such big director, they now is the director with very big name, but very few person knows they also are in the ginseng in this drama has acted.

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Present when Gong Xiaosheng Ma Saichun also is in this drama have piece act, what she acts is Jiang Wen beautiful in one’s childhood, the everybody when just going out says the little one’s mother’s sister because of her is Jiang Wen beautiful the opportunity that just has so much so, she also let everybody approbate her through her effort later.

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As a child the Yang Zi with ancient clever odd choice also is in this drama, she is child star one’s previous experience, also can saying so is bone of an old show, the acting of the disposition that she blames by ancient clever essence and by superb also was to encircle a lot of pink.

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