Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: The Er that rise standard joins in happy fried dough twist is new piece ” super- can family ” , will develop intense competition with Shen Teng New capital signs up for dispatch on January 2, film of comedy of archives of Spring Festival of happy fried dough twist ” super- can family ” announce ginseng of the Er that rise standard performs intercurrent cloth stage photo. Official small gain matchs civil say: “There is a grass in wanting a heart only, it is a yurt everywhere. ‘ exceed can male group ‘ Vocal takes on exposure of new capacity of the Er that rise standard, what as same settle on Zheng Qian invents the entrepreneur of APP, ‘ double Teng Zhengai ‘ the story is about to perform, final who will be held in the arms so that APP returns, people wait and see what happens. ” this will 2022 first day of the lunar year is shown.

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The picture comes from it is reported of official small gain, the Er that rise standard will be in film personate an entrepreneur, because too love the home, move the yurt into office building directly. Piece in, he ” a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge bead ” , an APP that took a fancy to Allan development, bought process also is faced with husband of division of beg of beg of villain in drama however (Shen Teng is acted the role of) intense competition.

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The picture comes from official small gain ” super- can family ” it is afterwards of Song Yang’s director ” the iron fist of be ashamed be ashamed ” another comedic work later, before telling about the Zheng that runs away from home before New Year more (Allan is acted the role of) answer native place noise made in coughing or vomiting agree gram attends grandfather funeral on the west, witness a family to spark however the story that exceeds capacity. Meanwhile, zheng Qian confronts husband of division of beg of evil mayor beg (Shen Teng is acted the role of) the APP that him loot develops. Zheng Qian is forced and exceed faculty family to unite, husband of division of beg of collective and counteractive beg. New capital newspaper edits Xu Meilin to proofread Zhao Lin

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