Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: The film ” beautiful slippery queen 2: I love father you ” expose to the sun the crystallization that star of premonitory ice hockey becomes awakward to suckle pa to guard love

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Now, russia is ice Li Zhiqin affection an excellent work ” beautiful slippery queen 2: I love father you ” released first premonitory, film will be shown formally on January 14. This continuance the first story, told about sand of Sa of ice hockey star (Peiteluofu acts the role of Alexander · ) as graceful as beautiful slippery queen beautiful (Agelaya Dalasuowa is acted the role of) marriage hind absurd biddy, she acceded maternal endowment, continue to hover below the company that loves in father the story that puts a face on the ice at Lake Baikal. Premonitory in, sa sand and graceful beautiful walked into marital hall eventually, subsequently and will the new student life that come let them what kind of problem face again? On January 14, let us walk into a cinema together, experience this 2022 open year of warm heart to combine a joyous film!

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Fairy tale love is greeted only continuance of beautiful bridal and brand-new life is ice first when miraculous film releases now premonitory in, sand of Sa of associate of immortal family dependant and graceful beautiful are like the hall that wishs after the match ends, they are kissing the other side in the assembly hall that fills a blessing, make next changeless all one’s life pledge, the graceful beautiful that wears marriage gauze and ice hockey are taken draw near the compose of hand of Sa Sha Xie of the body gives a fairy tale like only beautiful picture scroll. Believe a lot of had looked ” beautiful slippery queen ” audience the metropolis is gratified laugh, sa sand and graceful beautiful go on the road of love and dream too too rough, the lover becomes spouses eventually nowadays, it is everybody the ending of love to see and hear. Click this is right in getting film of film more information ice the crystallization that loved associate to have happiness very quickly after marriage, the arrival of small graceful beautiful lets the daughter they times feeling is gratified, but meanwhile, more the a Gordian knot also followings sb’s heels and come: The small graceful beautiful after be brought up is shown gave the extremely tall natural gift in beautiful slippery respect, she was full of persistent passion as slipping to the flower like the mother, even more excel a mother, but she also as father general and piquant and emulative, discipline of small off year already had definite idea greatly, know oneself cause clearly, cause an a lot of troubles sturdily hard for it, this Rangsasha headaches unceasingly, how should the Sa sand that person father is first deal with the identity changeover of this arise suddenly, how should guide small graceful beautiful correctly again? Let our wait and see what happens! Public praise beautiful piece warm heart add makes father daughter receive life to challenge the motion picture ” beautiful slippery queen 2: I love father you ” before make ” beautiful slippery queen ” ever obtained inside not common public praise, the the old cast is returned to once more nowadays make add make hand in hand, show created Russia that day first days of booking office records film of shadow history mainland. Besides line of the on continuance one love in the ministry, the arrival of this because the daughter is young graceful beautiful, still added shares of many show kissing affection — the Sa that just upgrades to suckle pa for clumsiness is sanded, how guiding growing respect of health of small graceful beautiful to suffer doubt, face a variety of challenges of the life, in heavy test, this is right ” miserable ” the warm heart between father daughter is interactive, believe to be able to be in this to bring a warmth for everybody in the winter. The dream in film and close affection interweave, warmth is guarded with Gao Ran warm blood runs paralell, around father the brigade compose of female oneiromancy gives moving ice waltz, film chooses to was shown on January 14, it is to want to let everybody experience the warmth of close affection in cold winter not only, also be to help strength at the same time 2022 Olympic Winter Games, let in this winter love and touch often be in, encourage everybody to face the life bravely to guard the dream in the heart! On January 14, experience this together the portion is moving make to deep warm heart add. The film ” beautiful slippery queen 2: I love father you ” import by company of Chinese film group, chinese film Inc. is issued, times of Beijing annulus eagle helps promotion, countrywide courtyard line lighted affection to show on January 14, 2022, expect please! Come from date of media of the ticket that tax a bank note: Beautiful slippery queen 2: I love father you

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