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Original title: The person enrages 5 acting is best star, before Zhu Yilong white house contracts 3, after Deng Lun Chenxiao tightens therewith NO.5 Huang Jingyu

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Huang Jingyu’s acting has a kind of highest quality, arrange its natural feeling. Be in at this o’clock ” the Red Sea acts ” in sharp-shooter of commando of dragon of fictile flood dragon Gu Shunyi horn, can see. Huang Jingyu can say is a true Chinese soldier healthy atmosphere stern, the figure deductive incisively and vividly that heroic bearing ofs material bearing, the accord that obtained inside and outside of course of study is approbated. Although say he what just went out is mixed in actor’s lines,act in a play forcibly excessive going up is some problems, but do not affect him to become a fine actor really. Chen Xiao of NO.4 Chen Xiao comes up from costar all the way actually, he is in drama of movie and TV ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” ” Liu Zhen legend ” ” Yun Zhongge ” ” Gong Suo agalloch eaglewood ” join had performed minor role. So, I emphasize here he was not to become famous overnight. So when his acting slowly harden oneself comes out, although say him now age gently. But get the better of enraging field is sufficient, acting can undergo the test of big screen, no matter be the film,can saying is, still be drama of movie and TV, he can be competent easily. The acting in God is sent.

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NO.3 Deng Lun

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Deng Lun what to acting in a play the countenance when holds is very good, because his research to the play is very take a heart, follow fixed position to the essence of the part especially, he takes himself the part not only in, also still can take the other side into the part in. Taking sport with him so is a very comfortable thing, the acting because of him is vivid natural, take you very easily. NO.2 Bai Yu

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I am the deepest to white house impression is ” little handsome ” the Feng in needed. The demeanour that he deduced childe of early days the Republic of China not only is elegant, ti Tang is cheesy, and can say to the changeover of the part dispute often reachs the designated position. Plus ” found an army great undertaking ” and ” town fetch ” can say him not only acting is conspicuous, and expression still grabs an eye, also harvested vermicelli made from bean starch of a batch of dutiful for oneself at the same time. Zhu Yilong of NO.1 Zhu Yilong, I feel to hold out all the time regrettablly. He is to be truly in walk-on and costar harden oneself just rely on drama of a net 10 years full ” town fetch ” of conflagration. So he is special not easy, but more those who let my admire is he is in between actor and God, he emphasizes himself is an actor. To the part of personate, he can follow elder communication, at the same time him hope can have more time to go carve.

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Although he has been of be worthy of the name ” eye ability is sent ” , a pair of eyes always can deliver the affection need of the part very quickly, from time to time is depressed evil spirit be puzzled, from time to time is pure and cherubic, from time to time is sturdy bully gas, always can let a person make a person abandon easily among them. So I feel he did not come is an actor not merely, however artist of a performance, because he is have very much study spirit and very the actor that respects property.

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