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Original title: Sweet honey: 9 turn Jin Dan is OK rise again, why bright and beautiful look for do not save water god? God following water is concerned personally really ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” the drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that is a special cruel, want to say the one screen that this makes the person is distressed most among them, namely bright and beautiful seek the day in big marriage, disclose of the dagger in using a hand Xu Fengyi knife, it may be said of this one act was to astonish not little audience, we know bright and beautiful because the fault regarded Xu Feng as,looking for is his personal enemy that kill father just is met such, but she still has so much sweet associate with with the anyhow between Xu Fengzhi, say how possibly to do it? Is the heart of this there is many firm just met such?

20220102034221 61d11f1d1de78

Gut description: After killing Xu Fengzhi nevertheless, bright and beautiful look for regretted at once, spit in the red of fall from the sky inside body especially later, bright and beautiful the heart that looks for this ability to see his clear truly, destroy to grey flying smoke of Xu Feng, bright and beautiful look for at long last thunder Xu Feng’s name, regrettablly is, xu Feng also is answered again did not come, later bright and beautiful look for because too too distress, direct dizzy past, after waiting for her to awake again, day group had had new master embellish jade.

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After awake, bright and beautiful looking for this ability to detect is he killed Xu Feng so, because the ashamed regret heart of her heart is too heavy, open all sorts of searching brilliance of the rising sun phoenix mode, not be to be in the idolum that forgets plain river saw Xu Feng, see Xu Feng’s figure in the dream namely, until one day she knows Xu Feng still has a soul to be in the world, that is to say the opportunity that Xu Feng still has work to come down, this ability is getting together collect all sorts of method will save Xu Feng, plant even if search among them 9 turn Jin Dan.

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In day group, only too on there is 9 to turn over there old gentleman Jin Dan, bright and beautiful look for demur not to say to look for him directly, to bright and beautiful look for blame requirement to take 9 turn Jin Dan, too go up the father water that old gentleman still thinks she is to want him bring back to life is magical, the person lets feel some are strange here, 9 turn Jin Dan is OK of rise again letting a person, why bright and beautiful look for in those days need not the unripe father water that this red medicine goes to saving his is magical, went saving Xu Feng however? Be because love Xu Fengsheng to cross him love to give birth to the reason of father,really?

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Individual viewpoint: Actually bright and beautiful look for need not 9 turn Jin Dan saves water god, be not is not filial, however when water god is dead, had not enough time already completely, when bright and beautiful after seeking the site that hurries to water god to be killed, water look is already quick grey flying smoke destroyed, it is at that time 9 turn Jin Dan, also cannot save water god, of course, this is only on one hand reason, the most crucial true body that still depends on water god and Xu Feng is different.

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Well-known, true body of Xu Feng is phoenix, and the old boatman that forgets plain river to go up has said, phoenix belongs to the secular bird, in every case has a soul to be met in affirmation of rise again, the odds that says Xu Fengfu is vivid so is very big, but only this kind of species just can have phoenix amaranthine advantage, as to water god, although we do not know what his true body is, but concern with water for certain, general this kind of true body presses a root what to won’t have of not dead effect, it is OK that so water god nature also was done not have the hope of renascence.

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Said again, xu Feng is before on one’s deathbed, too tiny spent all over the body repaired day emperor to live to protect one soul of Xu Feng, this ability let Xu Feng have the opportunity that can come down alive, if do not have too small word, probably 9 turn Jin Dan again how magical, also be at job of no help! So bright and beautiful look for beg come 9 turn over that one soul that Jin Dan can use in Xu Feng only, fortunately water god is in final, with bright and beautiful like looking for, in terrestrial renascence, or a such good parts were done not have for nothing indeed regrettablly.

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