Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: I identified Er health, but did not recognize Xie Na, this drama is hiddden talents really!

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Speak of ” love is deep rain is drizzly ” . Most propbably everybody is after-thought rises, the a person of extraordinary powers inside tall Xin personate, this part but also meet appeal the attention of a lot of people, because this teleplay takes internal heat,also be he, the character most propbably inside drama everybody is very familiar, yan Zhi also is exceedingly tall.

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And after this drama has his moment, actually Gao Xin also was to film a lot of work, but it is very famous more very. Having not quite is impression however very deep, that is ” beaming pig 8 give up ” still be to did not see really in those days actually this is a person.

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And let most small those who make up shock is, did not recognize Xie Na! Make, she also goes out between this drama had performed role of a character, that is personate glockenspiel princess, did not think of ah, say Xie Na every time, remember those who come is compere, but its are honest one’s early years when piece had performed work of a lot of movie and TV.

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Doing not have those who think of is in those days this drama ” beaming pig 8 give up ” still be hiddden talents really, believing very much person had seen this play, but do you discover the character inside this drama is Xie Na?

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