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Original title: ” does knife of the bold in snow go ” because is He Hao judged ceaseless? Of lofty sentiments of particular all corners of the country and gut clever appear Regard year end as the overall situation pressing an axis that roll out, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” gut also even more wonderful, the set of story clue is very interesting, just beginning is hero Xu Feng itinerary return. What reveal to everybody is a character that differs with traditional knight-errant. Xu Feng year look seem full classics affairs of human life, can be one pair does not know well the person of the ways of the world, a such set that have the hero that does not go learning connecting with the boxing skill however without kongfu, let an audience want curiously to know how follow-up story develops.

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The work about the knight-errant is less and less in last few years, somebody feels the knight-errant had done not have all corners of the country, but the Chinese appears the inherent passion to the knight-errant. My individual feels this drama looks for that familiar all corners of the country in compatriots heart in effort. And a lot of audiences meet respecting knight-errant very recall the part that make show, ground of the initiate in this drama uses reason ” enjoyable ” means will show dozen of show, from local terminus depict, look down at films, put a movement slow to wait a series of can see the director allows to attemper to the essence of setting. Hit play to have distinguishing feature not only, also can see as the development of gut this drama is not to narrate world of a knight-errant only, primary and secondary of whole story clue is trenchant very.

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Before the position of the hero in knight-errant story is generation of profit from father more lead, but the Xu Feng in drama year not be however seemingly such. Those who pass 3 years is itinerary, he had his idea, what look in his eye is full of civilian sufferings, his of one mind wants to safeguard worldly justice. He is not willing to be hit when a general dozen kill, do not be willing to learn connecting with the boxing skill, do not be willing ” successive father line of business ” , sense letting a person is extraordinary ” traitorous ” . Also be sent from world, little brother through Laohuang finally wait for this a series of setting appears, I think also just is a director to gut accuse and the apply colours to a drawing to whole atmosphere, make the clue joins fluent nature, bring the audience among them.

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According to in light of my individual viewpoint, what constitution moves is rectify to hold in directing pair of play very good also, each extract is patted very meticulously, those who make the audience can experience a knight-errant in camera lens is elegant feeling. Some extract are to be full of black unreal colorific in origianl work, xuan Huanzhi follows in traditional knight-errant between join on, the director added partial freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting again, the skill that false or true combines was brought quite film colorific extract appears. I feel this play is no matter from whole tonal or specially good effect is to relapse of consider, fast without sedulous pursuit also, present a story however with slower rhythm, bring a kind to be able to bear or endure to the person the perception that look.

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I think, besides story gut clever join, this drama still let us see ties of friendship of traditional all corners of the country, the free and easy hero that experienced Xin Wuxia is angry. Let an audience be enmeshed in the story clue in the knight-errant, the morality and justice of all corners of the country that can experience those to be done not have in real world more. In knight-errant story, those a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct are Everyman can be Immanuel, what this says is frame-up it is we and true bosom are put those who want we

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