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Original title: ” adversary ” big ending, 15 people are caught, the suggestion in character of 3 villain in drama has two to did not sentence capital punishment In drama of movie and TV ” adversary ” inside big ending, from the point of the picture that gives out finally, altogether has 15 people to be caught, also include the person of villain in drama of 3 core in drama among them, phoenix action comes here end, information network one night collapse, experience record figure is caught entirely. Inside 15 people that are arrested, besides Li Tang, Ding Meixi, forest beyond , still have national treasure and that man that once wanted to kill Ding Meixi, can say complete finish by hind of that hand ” perfect ” layout, mechanism considers the belief that also did not understand the person such as Duan Yingjiu so sturdy to mix clever.

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A few when remain by seizer, they also are the Everyman in the life it seems that, their profession looks very ordinary, the service personnel of the hotel, the shoemaker that mends shoes on the street, work a group of things with common features etc. If they did not do a business all the time conceal, also do not have by Ding Meixi they are informed against, these people do not know to be concealed even really how long, such profession and everywhere of average person edge are visible.

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There can be so many dangerous person beside very difficult imagination, they are concealed too greatly too crafty also, all along won’t ” hellion ” 2 words are written on cerebral door. Their life not to be exposed to is shining, face be caught, somebody chooses desert, but more people still face actual compromise, even if escaped also answer do not go, still can not become definitely abandon child, after be being caught instead, ability acquires a new life.

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It is this piece of net of core with phoenix, in this city conceal more than 10 years long, they 2 people do not know even final job all the time, see the main character that be like is core, it is two should abandon at any time actually abandon child. They also spent happy time ten years, this goes up to the sky namely bestow, all happiness also are the heart sex acknowledge in slow change Li Tang and Ding Meixi, likelihood plum Grain Full goes up to the sky namely the group comes those who cure them.

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Li Tang and Ding Meixi abandoned the best time and the quietest life, be browbeaten, be used, by so called future and emeritus temptation, changed forsaken outcome finally however, probably the happy feeling that whats they know to call a family than anybody. Other finally these people that are arrested had not realized it seems that had been abandoned, they are so foolish that they poor work gets also hold back is bent, when be being caught, also should feel oneself are very funny, life does not cross tens of carrying, with will do these nonsense affection fact to belong to is foolish.

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” adversary ” be special realistically contemporary ” espionage battle ” subject matter work, the careless mistake till it perhaps is nodded without metaphor a few filthy phenomena, used instead more the true condition that press close to lives, and the heart that the portraiture that faces real problem will come to mirror leading role character to produce dispute ceaselessly, it is in namely the kid that tries to wake up those wrong paths, guide them to be alive under sunshine, enjoy this balance flourishing. The suggestion in character of 3 villain in drama has two to did not sentence capital punishment Li Tang, Ding Meixi and forest conceal so old, purloin a lot of secrets, li Tang killed A Liang, ever also had mauled a lot of people, forest the blood that touchs on hand is countless more, ding Meixi is extortionate circumstance more, will look according to the heaviest penalty, they should face death sentence probably or life imprisonment, after all forest the task that lets them finish is not a bagatelle.

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Look from Ding Meixi finally with Li Xiaoman’s dialog, li Tang was alluded to did not sentence capital punishment inside the information that gives out at least, also not be to not have period. After Ding Meixi lets Li Xiaoman, do not change any connection means, and say after Li Tang goes out, regular meeting finds her, look Li Tang’s term of imprisonment is certain very long, believe Li Tang also can be behaved well for this daughter strive for early one day can come out to see Li Xiaoman.

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Li Tang gave Ding Meixi the chance of a lot of make contributions, on certain level, ding Meixi’s penalty should not compare Li Tang to weigh, but she dare not face the following time it seems that, ding Meixi also wants to tell Li Xiaoman the last secret, but Li Xiaoman did not hear: Forest the one’s own father that just is Li Xiaoman.

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Although do not have special state he was sentenced what kind of penalty, odd from homicide Liu Guoxiang looks on this one thing, he is ineludible the destiny of the capital punishment that be sentenced, caught forest is to let whole operation draw a full stop more. Forest the true name of is Lin Zhiguo, the choice is a name with , try to let others think he has style of conversation namely cultured cultured, this also looks from flank forest also is a more self-abased person, breeding of so called self-restraint is goody mask, even if changed a name to also do not change the world with deformed heart.

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Inside characters of these 3 main great villain in drama, li Tang and Ding Meixi are those who live truelier, they do not have so much desire it seems that, was forced to live in crack so old, li Xiaoman is two their people’s oldest soft costal region, except forest uses Li Tang of Li Xiaoman menace finally, li Tang also won’t kill A Liang, won’t be caught more, he can look for an opportunity to confess one’s crime absolutely.

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Think of to mean the thing that takes finally very much and forest says a word ” even if, went back smoothly, your life also most likely, because that person of play chess lets you,left hand is making age great dream, the right hand is doing yellow Liang Yimeng ” . Do you feel how many years Li Tang and Ding Meixi can sentence? After going out can they still renew leading edge twice?

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