Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: After he leaves Shen Teng, box-office from 1.4 billion fall 1 million, be mocked by numerous netizen overrate force Although have very much person,to the actor this one profession has misunderstanding, feel informal actor’s lines of say a few words, perform two paragraphs of play to be able to harvest the jubilation of very tall remuneration and audience. But be really actually such? Is the actor’s success so easy to do? Not be actually, probably the actor that we can see on TV is more successful, there still are a lot of newlywed people in living however or be the old person is hit hard in Hengdian go all out, the effort that hopes to pass oneself is entered in bound of movie and TV give a day.

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Wait to explode through a drama like Lin Xinru, Zhao Wei red actor inspects can be counted on one’s fingers of bound it may be said in the shadow, most actor wants to make a career, need one pace to go hardheadedly. Resembling is grandson the Xiaohua such as couple, Yang Mi dawns or be actor of actual strength clique, want careful observation only, everybody can be pleasant to the eye in a few old drama the figure that sees these people. Some people are lucky and OK accomplish oneself through a drama, resembling is Zhao Liying, Shen Teng it is the through a classic work entrance door that opens bound of movie and TV thoroughly. Make sauce or some people may lack luck to be able to be only in each drama is stooge.

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Want those who say the last few years is famous to laugh at a star, most propbably is not Shen Teng to not be belonged to. As ” Charlotte is vexed ” have one’s moment, laid a foundation for Shen Teng not only, still take internal heat numerous costar, resembling is Mr. Wang that shadowboxing lays in drama is. Everybody is in the likelihood the figure that this actor can see in a lot of drama recently, do not know what he calls all the time however. Actually this actor name is called Tian Yu, although he is returned now,not be especially other and famous, but his acting is however beyond question good. He performs to who resemble not only, still very the glow dot that is good at studying a role.

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Meet so evaluate this actor, because he performs a person,basically resemble a person, you won’t find out the form of a part from inside the part of his instantly completely. Everybody also can have doubt possibly, why the actor with a such outstanding acting, the film that why can act the leading role in oneself ” that one night, the car that I had driven for you ” in performance is not excellent, a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera to go low continuously even, box-office finally only 1 million less than, let a lot of people cannot help mocking Tian Yu overrate force, after all in those days when partner Shenyang is vacated, ceng Huo has gotten odd ministry motion picture the beautiful accomplishment of 1.4 billion booking office.

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The stand or fall of a film, depend on not only the actor’s acting, still with story clue be closely bound up. If subject matter is older old, the person is set also do not have window, with respect to the look that won’t attract an audience. Also be the hard injury that goes up because of the play, numerous netizen is carried on the back after bringing about this film to show group ridicule overestimate own ability. This shows, the actor’s acting is admittedly important, but the eye that picks a play also very important. Because eye is bad,be in after all in recreational group and the actor that miss fine theatrical work or is notted agree with by ridicule actor and part itself figure also there are plenty of such people.

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