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Original title: Zhao Liying, Lin Xinru, Wang Yan, Jiang Qin is diligent, hot cling to, Li Retong, who wears red clothes the most beautiful? Since Zhao Liying goes out oneself, had shaped a lot of fair parts, perhaps her appearance does not calculate going up is extremely beautiful, but get the better of in melting but person, have audience reason very much. One’s early years, she is in ” the legend that chase after a fish ” in the carp essence red damask silk of personate, a suit red garment, tie-in and argent butterfly tire, do not break again sweetly clever.

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Ancient costume the appearance of an actor of Lin Xinru, very good-looking still, resembling simply is what be born for ancient costume is general. Want to say her most beautiful part, a part of the most thorough popular feeling, small make up feel to be not ” return Zhugege ” medium Xia Ziwei not is belonged to. The division division of a suit red is installed, beautiful, high, easy, jing admired many people.

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Wang Yan, that does not have aggressive appearance, adscititious and melting sound, masterly acting, all the time since suffer an audience to love fully. One’s early years, she is in ” love is deep pluvial ” in the duckweed of personate, although show share is special little, but a suit red garment, laugh slightly in the flowers, however enough confuses myriad heart of little male girl.

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Mention Jiang Qin is diligent this name, believe everybody has not been familiar with again, she not only grow beautifully to have clever energy of life, connect acting very masterly also. She is in ” return Zhugege 3 ” in the Xia Ying of personate is filled with, a red garment, makeup look is delicate, leaving air bang, it is Jing admired really days.

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Qiu Shuzhen, wear the look of red garment, or very Jing letting a person is colourful, it is no matter ” bet a god 2 ” the Chinese flowering crabapple in, or ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” the small clear in, so beautiful that let a person move not to open his eyes, can say Yanzhi is high, she temperament is good, can perfect control all sorts of modelling.

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Hot cling to be in ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” in the Bai Fengjiu of personate, what what when with Dong Hua Di Juncheng kisses, wear is red marry the garment, the tire with golden collocation, beauty of true it may be said is gotten cannot honest other people. In this drama, hot cling to although be female only 2, but however very grab an eye, no matter Yan Zhi acting, let a person shine at the moment.

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Be in ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in, the small Long Nv of Li Retong personate, a suit is red marry the garment, dignified air, can say the United States must not want; And she of a suit white garment, qing Li is free from vulgarity, the United States is gotten as fairy general, let a person dare be not gazed at. Small make up can plaint only, how is Yan Zhigao worn beautiful ah!

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So, above in these belle star, zhao Liying, Lin Xinru, Wang Yan, Jiang Qin is diligent, Qiu Shuzhen, hot cling to, Li Retong, who wears red clothes the most beautiful?

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