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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” female advocate Jiang Ni is cold-shouldered, is this Jiekesu and Malisu’s love story?

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” knife of the bold in snow goes ” had broadcasted largely, although open the public praise after sowing to drop into cereal bottom, all the way by group ridicule, but it is big Ga after all those who gather is big make, still quite tall discussion is spent. The chamfer with this the biggest play is nodded, besides dozen of slow-motion play besides, what let male audience and female audience do not like namely is female advocate Jiang Ni.

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Why ” does knife of the bold in snow go ” medium female advocate is Jiang Ni denounced be fond of? The reason may have a lot of, but in the final analysis has a word only: “Do not have already fine-looking, also do not have the soul. ” actor plum age of Jiang Ni hopes to be small belle, the appearance of an actor in drama is not ugly also, but she is not the beauty with the sort of atmosphere colourful Jing, not bright in part of the one numerous belle in drama look. Jiang Ni the set of this part, it is originally ” chilly ” peerlessly beautiful belle. Be hoped to be born forcedly by Li Geng however unripe performed a not dry behind the ears little servant girl. Insufficient beauty performs peerlessly beautiful belle however, and have other more beautiful female part foils, this itself is an original sin.

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Besides actor itself insufficient beauty, this part is in Jiang Ni medium person sets teleplay to also give prize not quite, more resembling is round male advocate those who turn is inflexible without incorporeal part. She is princess of a conquered nation, be brought up in personal enemy home, the son that gives personal enemy should slave girl. Say she is taken normally Xu Jia’s age should already begin to remember things, lose the enemy of a conquered nation personally, she can be hit as a child with the son of personal enemy unexpectedly fight noisely those who be troubled by is grown, give birth to love to its heart even? And when Chu Guojiu the ministry finds her, when wanting to take her to go back, is her reaction to refuse unexpectedly? Is the dream that says oneself in namely male advocate beside become a servant girl? Do not want to become what female emperor? Jiang Ni and male advocate do not learn military accomplishment as a child euqally, it is much better that poetic book also is done not have, with male advocate beside the servant girl of other be modest about one’s skill is compared, line gets her without a single redeeming feature. Be without temperament so, be without ambition, be without ambition, do not have even professional skill some parts even, by what to get outstanding gram Su Nan after all advocate dote on? is she Malisu?

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Such wanting with respect to crack a criminal case. ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” to face masses market, the emotional line after revising, accident ground changes the emotional line of this drama: “Jiekesu and Malisu’s love story? ” male advocate Xu Feng year: “My dad is the boreal Liang king of the world of power use up all one’s resources, I am boreal Liang world child, my dad loves my what thing to be my plan, two my elder sisters are very fond of me, at every turn for me, my little brother is a fool, cannot contend for a world with me child, and very if listening to me. My dad arranged a lot of old men to me, pass result law to me, teach me unique gest, each belle loves me, I have gone through cross epigenesis boreal Liang king. ” female advocate Jiang Ni: “I am princess of a conquered nation, although I am not very fine-looking, but I have nature very much, so my extraction child obviously numerous belle surrounds, but namely only affection at me one person! Although I love lazy, but very gifted, sword god is chasing after me to want to teach me unique gest. Because of my high capacity, old department of state of one swarm Hunan wants to support me, although I had thought ordinary time only, but great kindness is difficult however, I still was become emperor of Xi Chu daughter. I still was become emperor of Xi Chu daughter..

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Such wanting, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” drama Fang Zhen is intention fine suffering. Male audience takes the place of male advocate bright, female audience takes the place of female advocate bright, everybody has good future.

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