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Original title: ” ace army ” is the largest window Li Youbin? To two discharge small unripe do match, division commander very circle pink! Article of # of army of ace of # Xiao Zhan / the army brigade drama that Luo Xiaoke Huang Jingyu, Xiao Zhan acts the leading role ” ace army ” more and more encourage annals, this drama related the story that the young recruit such as broomcorn, Gu Yiye, Changjiang Delta ask forring goes all out in work for the dream and tries hard. Although leave,sowing is ” airborne ” means, but the heat that a bit did not affect this theatrical work and person are angry, what be like battle personate especially is male 2 Gu Yiye from belt scholar elegant temperament, there is no lack of however chastely temperature, the person is set also encircle pink all the more. Outside having Yan Zhi to take on when Gong Xiaosheng besides two, of old show bone join in wonderful also not allow to miss, the battle array is luxuriant shake, give a person the sense that find everything new and fresh. Once was in ” bright sword ” medium a Li Youbin that performs Li Yunlong, this reincarnate ” ace army ” in the Zheng division commander of bully gas gravity, time of military uniform model feels dye-in-the-wood, he is the duty field noble of broomcorn, also became later simple and honest male advocate father-in-law, denounce satisfactory set encircle pink once more!

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Before still remembering ten years extremely red temporarily warlike play ” bright sword ” ? Li Yunlong the figure with bully firm and persistent gas, engrave deeply write in audience mind, become classical medium classical part. Division commander Li Yunlong is depending on conspicuous resourcefulness, make refurbished version ” Zhu Geliang ” , changed in battlefield passivity difficult unfavorable situation, can compares the Ares of mythological level. Actual strength sends Li Youbin to use masterly acting, explain the kernel of the part properly, li Yunlong frown and smile appears heroic bearing valiant. And perform adversary this to make fun of with Huang Jingyu, Xiao Zhan, li Youbin is costar, but his acting is online from beginning to end, never make a person disappointed pass, flow is little be born and do not have too big violate and feel.

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Fall in the precipitation of years instead, the actor gifted the flavour with brand-new part. It is to perform a division commander likewise, zheng division commander also from A to Z look is very earnest, always be clean-fingered Yan Xiao, but actually heart warmth is kind-hearted, know subordinate of show solicitude for, it is a boss that has contrast feeling. In the growing process of broomcorn of collier army made up of the sons of the people, zheng division commander is true noble, he is a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge bead, took a fancy to hero to be able to bear hardships tough idiosyncratic. To oneself baby daughter, zheng division commander asks in the eye, do not have any bestowing favor on be addicted to and coddle, accomplished father’s responsibility.

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Literary female soldiers Changjiang Delta is asked for can natural and graceful, be full of self-confidence and joy, cannot leave backside right-down that good family education and tie. And to be proud the Gu Yiye of senior officer army made up of the sons of the people of charming self-confidence, zheng division commander also is sent admire this from the heart young the boy that has opinion, often speak treasures fine jade, teacher of just like life is average, the instant can make a person be filled wisdom. Broomcorn issues luxuriant decay in heavy test later, still chased after white rich beautiful Changjiang Delta to ask for, become the complacent son of Zheng division commander, they are families eventually. Show itself in so much competitor, still can marry Changjiang Delta ask forring, probably this is broomcorn greatest lucky, and Zheng division commander also fostered a pretty good successor for oneself.

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” ace army ” with ” bright sword ” different, although be of army brigade subject matter, but of a more focusing is green encourage annals, if why be defeated in predicament,what another tells about however is bureau and piece. Altogether, although this Li Youbin is hero no longer, but ray a bit was not defeated by Huang Jingyu, Xiao Zhan these two flow are little unripe. Zheng division commander that careworn face, even if does not have an actor’s lines, also can let a person numerate the story in his eye and hardships of a journey or of one’s life. Everybody is close people, you how the main actor teleplay such as look upon Huang Jingyu, Xiao Zhan, Zhong Chuxi ” ace army ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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