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Original title: ” adversary ” : Espionage war play and life flow, 55 On January 2, 2022 print | Always the 2740th period origin: Chinese youth signs up for an author: Han grand month play of war of 37 collect espionage ” adversary ” broadcasting, drama is made with unexpected character and gut set, cause the curiosity of primary audience and attention. Advanced after the gut information with two concentrated market is outputted, begin from the 3rd collect, the atmosphere of steady narrative rhythm and higher level is controlled, make later period audience OK enter story and part world better in the center. On gregarious media, also caused such as ” Fu of Si Fu of poor edition Shi Mi ” such topic heats up search. Current, grading of valve of this drama beans is stable at 8.1 minutes. ” adversary ” playwrite is king lancet, he is fabaceous valve grading 7.9 ” mask ” playwrite, also be 9.1 minutes ” exploit ” one of playwrite. Director Lu moral human relations comes from Hong Kong, ever had cooperated with king lancet ” emissary ” ” young doctor ” , it is old partner. The main actor battle array of the composition such as Guo Jingfei, Tan Zhuo, Yan Bingyan, peaceful manage, also be this drama sees essential factor surely. 20220102034737 61d120594d888 ” adversary ” the city of seaside town a tall building that story happening ground is fiction, appear from inside gut rectify religion earth up the information such as the industry to look, on time line, can maintain for in last few years even when clew can continue to now to undertake. But because,drama is made from time to tome the experience when the spy outside 3 conditions is young is answered put, be in narrative on when this are nervous intense, there also is terrestrial cooked food when should be being loosened, this is diluent story distance instantly is too close and some kind of achievements oppressive feeling, make ” adversary ” hold those who had pair of specific history period concurrently to answer look, a kind of fine to the carve of essence of life that instantly lives carve, happiness to future expects, it is the quality theatrical work with a stereo stronger sense. On fractionize of espionage battle type, ” adversary ” the work that is domain of security of state of a focusing, also be the subject matter with creation taller difficulty. If why protecting good country to bring the job,relevant feature and classified premise fall, as far as possible the importance that how country of bona fide expression works, and the country brings worker pay with sacrifice, this is become ” adversary ” a challenge. Advocate achieved a group to choose ” the life flows ” narrative, with more the means that ground connection enrages, advance character and plot send in audience eye shot. The impressions that the audience feedbacks also confirms, such story, brought innovation to creation of espionage war play not only, also made more strong impact to audience heart. 20220102034738 61d1205a0ae30 Espionage war play is adopted ” the life flows ” narrative, there had been work to undertake trying before this, the explore below individual work must be compared deep, but stem from espionage battle theme likely by diluent, theatricalize intensity to be changed to wait for apprehension infirmly likely, a little cautious on use scale. This ” adversary ” in espionage battle play and ” the life flows ” respect, undertook deserving boldly to compare, can use probably ” 5:5″ scale will generalize. The audience expresses, ” adversary ” ” catch spy ” the story is patted so that have rhythm, the daily life that waits for composition by fireworks of observation of education of domestic marriage, children, society, marketplace is narrative, often also let a person look or smile or filled with apprehension. Regard state of mansion state city as the outstanding scout of the security bureau, the Duan Yingjiu of Yan Bingyan personate, in the unit it is eye biting, see a person the backbone personnel of original, photographic, with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, but return a family in, await the husband that she comes home, have with her very remote the son of feeling, foil give her ” female strong person ” additional at the same time. 20220102034738 61d1205a521b3 ” adversary ” a lot of detail revealed Duan Yingjiu to regard a female as the longing to domesticity, for instance the husband makes an appointment with her to put forward to divorce when the restaurant has a meal, she rejects to agree with give the impression of weakness of good sign of good word, acceptance should work to come down to come home immediately idly only. A of the husband ” order dishes ” cruel also show him to be not want divorce really, call a wife to give a few attention to the family however. Drama is made use in this paragraph of clue very refined dialogue, the special one side that the country brings worker family life, true did not break humor the earth’s surface to amount to again come out. The conceal emissary Li Tang of Guo Jingfei and Tan eminent personate, fourth beauty, because live for a long time in mansion city, they blended in local life already. Li Tang is a taxi driver, ding Meixi is teacher of middle school Chinese, be in only ” ranking ” forest (peaceful manage is acted the role of) when appearing, their emissary identity just is waked up, ground of cannot help doing sth goes executing the mission. They are right of smooth and steady day yearning, want far outclass to be obtained when emissary place then the portion cannot get cashed pay tardy. Drama oppose manages at the contradictory heart of this two people, also undertook the matting with authentic stronger sex. Their one’s early years endured brutal PUA when example especially, executive command became natural passive reaction. Just undertook in drama anthology when Ding Meixi so 1/3 when break down the ground says to Li Tang ” we go confessing one’s crime ” when, audience also can unfeignedly feels, spy is below the environment with extensive of net of a day, orderly society, susceptive pressure has how old. 20220102034738 61d1205a92250 Drama name is ” adversary ” , the story also is established really rose ” adversary ” framework, as ” cat ” the country is installed personnel and as ” mice ” emissary, it is the female’s Duan Yingjiu and Ding Meixi together; The Li Tang that serves as partner and his ” ranking ” forest , li Tang of emissary husband and wife and fourth beauty, backside of part of face of positive and negative each levels such as two families interior, take up ” adversary ” relation this bowstring. In those days conceal is 3 people into the emissary number of mansion city, duan Yingjiu invite applications for a job 3 countries bring newlywed person to it corresponding. Have ” adversary ” just have Thespian pulling force, ” adversary ” with sufficient this concept, but did not exaggerate this concept, drama makes in-house under cover ” static depth of water flows ” the creation mood like, can be caught by the audience. ” adversary ” it is a work that comes out through cogitative creation, drama makes agglomeration wear advocate the deepness that starts pair of espionage battle show understands, shirt-sleeve the dark affection of the person that they are guarded to country and people safety, also convey at the same time those who gave quiet to happiness life is yearning this one powerful viewpoint of value. Espionage war play needs such innovation, homebred drama also needs so mutiple level, stereo the creative work that turn. Click ” read textual ” examine ↓ of ↓ of ↓ of more history information

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