Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” male advocate put in prison, female advocate too angry, this wins the home into life to costar! Believe square little respecting ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” this ancient costume is comedic, numerous 80 hind 90 hind won’t unfamiliar, be in once teleplay is rarer the times that be short of, this teleplay is extremely red really temporarily, got of numerous audience love.

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This drama basically told about the folktale of a full of humour and wit, the place of story happening is in Yangzhou, what two beauty basically told about in occupying is female advocate, one is the wild goose of young lady Du Bing of city north rich hill, another is the girl Li Yuhu of division of city Dong Wu, two life are the same as a month at of the same age, and more of coincidence is the time that get married it is same day, a heavy rain had when the world in what get married, they went to one place to defeat temple by rain, making what the person is between tears and smiles is, going up afresh when the bridal sedan chair on their each other each other bridal sedan chair, open the road of the one life that Duan Lingren is between tears and smiles. The distance leaves sow had gone 20 old, we have a look at the actor current situation in drama today how. Nie Yuan — Qi Tianlei

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The 3 childe of that cynical, to want the schemes and intrigues of expose cousin, be in all the time pretend to fall ill, still follow finally female advocate Li Yuhu is immersed in love river, the day of young couple also must be exceedingly happy too.

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Originally his person energy of life is rising continuously all the time, but as a result of 2015, come forward for the friend incident, the person gas that makes him old accumulate is destroyed at once, although show nowadays, encircle development in recreation as before, but his career is not former times to compare today already. Shi Xiaogong — Yuan is castiron

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Shi Xiaogong also can say is actor of clique of an actual strength, have a lot of outstanding work likewise, and the family that also had a happiness. Sha Yi — Shapingwei

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Believe to mention this actor, the first impression of everybody passes medium Bai Zhantang outside Wu Lin namely, nevertheless he also is to go up wrong the bridal sedan chair is married the Sha Pingwei of violet garment young general to doctor, still had attended father where to go to, person energy of life also is exceedingly tall, and the national wife’s father that still became new generation. Wang Huijuan – Chang Ping’s princess

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Show him nowadays already incognito for tiny stream child, also patted a lot of masterpiece to taste, also had won a lot of award, but now nowadays already she 40 years old has been the mother of two children, also having a happy family, the career is very successful, the family is very successful also such life, it is to make a person yearning really.

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