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Original title: Discriminate passes: Why does the emperor bestow favor on Long month alone? See the idea that discriminate uses to Long month, the instant is clear! To teleplay ” discriminate is passed ” believe everybody has been familiar with very much, although discriminate went,should go up finally in this drama mother of an emperor, but all these also is not so successful, discriminate is in hind dangerous situation is faced personally many times in palace, nearly thes family broke up. Altogether of discriminate this lifetime has conceived pregnant 4 times, have twice aborted, month of oneself big daughter Long also gave respect the wife of a prince to bring up. That paragraph of time that conceives Long month in this actually can say is her most sufferring days.

20220102035003 61d120ebe0df4

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The discriminate at that time originally successful, still should seal the wife of a prince immediately. But was designed by empress however ” pure yuan of old clothes ” of incident circumvent discriminate. During be pregnant discriminate is banned by reprimand sufficient, and because he grow so that resemble,she also is informed the emperor to dote on she does not pass is pure yuan of empress, and oneself are pure nevertheless a of yuan of empress vicarious just, discriminate so not only is painful still break stream bright red, father also because be terminally ill by circumvent. It is so between whole bosom pregnancy, special anguish suffers the heart of discriminate . Because discriminate,also be of probably seedily, gave this again a series of thing, just crossed of 8 months discriminate so premature delivery was delivered of Long month.

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Although was delivered of Long month, but the mood of discriminate does not have what change because of Long month to be changed somewhat however, discriminate flings caution to the winds want to leave palace, before she leaves palace she also gave Long month respect the wife of a prince to bring up, there are Jin night tide and wash green jade to come to manna temple cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine later, when coming to manna temple, long month just is born 3 days only just ah. Although say discriminate is in manna temple but the time passes very hardly, but Long month is sufferred all kinds of however in Gong Li favorite. Although say this is a princess only on the emperor mouth, but the joyance on his face does not hide however. And answer palace again in discriminate when, discovering Long month still is the daughter with the most favorite the emperor.

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Very may much person has a doubt, why is Long month such Where is be in sb’s good graces? But was paid,actually the reason is Long month in of the discriminate on discriminate body a lot of. Although say those who marry to the name of Long month is the emperor, but her small character is discriminate however the requirement takes to her ” coil up coil up ” . Although apparently means grows the gentleman that send coil up, hope Long month can marry after be brought up flexibly Lang Jun, live the life with happy happiness of meaning of man situation concubine next, but because,actually real reason is ” coil up coil up ” homophonic follows ” Wan Wan ” He Chunyuan is same, the emperor to pure yuan of empress all the time bear in mind constantly, always with pure yuan of empress is relative, he is very advertent.

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So discriminate is hope the emperor can remember when seeing Long month pure yuan of empress, can give Long the month more doting on. In birthday of Long month one full year of life when, although discriminate is inside manna temple, but he also prepares for Long month sought one time let designedly fragrant if aunt gives Long the month,made a necklace. This can not be common necklace, this necklace and pure yuan a necklace before empress is very similar, so the emperor is at that time after this necklace that sees Long month is worn, direct pure yuan of necklace of empress second gave Long the month. Come so Long month had more chip, also had on the body of Long month more and pure yuan of connection of empress.

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Also have on the body because of Long month just about so much and pure yuan empress concerns, so the emperor just can is opposite Long month extraordinary, long month wants not to suffer it is very difficult to bestow favor on, although discriminate is not beside of Long month,see, for this daughter, she also spent not little thought. Although say the emperor dotes on Long month has certainly pure yuan of reason of empress, but undeniable is also like discriminate because of the emperor just about, so ability can like the child with he and discriminate unripe . After although palace is mostly ” Mu Ping child expensive ” , but ” child by Mu Gui ” very common also, although discriminate,so does not have these methods, the emperor also is very favorite to Long month. But the discriminate at that time is right the emperor is already complete give up the idea forever. What view do you have to this thing?

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