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Original title: ” spring scenery is gorgeous pig 8 give up ” tragedy is destined already, bright red elder brother opens bitter target-seeking of small Long Nv the bureau is dead Once was opposite small Long Nv, spoony at pig elder brother many is touch, feel to have much sadness now, what look merrily in those days is comedic, it is a tragedy however, and the ending of this tragedy, be destined already.

20220102035231 61d1217fb7268

Obviously at the beginning, small Long Nv looks for a fault person, so ending can be BE only, the savior of small Long Nv, true pig elder brother, the bureau is already dead. Zhu Fengchun is the savior of small Long Nv, they longed for each other 9 years each other, can search Zhu Fengchun when small Long Nv when, however 8 give up are misdeem pig benefactor. She so the person that hurries off to desperately, from beginning is a fault, how can the love between them have good result again? If must give this field tragedy, schedule the sentence of a grade, small Long Nv stands firmly on the tower needle of pyramid certainly. As the mouth of spring, be born to be destined to want sacrifice, the first love that pursues hard died early, she fell in love with a pig however 8 give up.

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No matter be Zhu Fengchun,still can be a pig 8 give up, she cannot be had, sacrificed finally for the mouth of spring of melt into of the East China Sea oneself. Zhu Fengchun is the purpose that small Long Nv comes to to the world, small Long Nv is the girl that Zhu Fengchun longed for 9 years, obviously dot of their within an ace of is OK meet again, how destiny gets a person, they did not meet again after all. Small Long Nv comes to the world for the first time, faint in the bank because of getting hurt, the about of person dragon end, within an inch of frightened accidental and transient Zhu Fengchun. Although Zhu Fengchun fears, cannot bear however see absolutely refuse to to save, he wants to wake small Long Nv up, however by scale cut finger, the blood that who knows him is drippy go up in the cut of small Long Nv, actually the your cut like the miracle begins to cicatrization.

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Then, he pushs his blood ceaselessly, treat cut to small Long Nv, really crowded did not come out, press the hand directly go up in scale, keep back aching, with more haemal helps cure hurts small Long Nv. Small Long Nv improves as the condition of an injury, gradually come to, the golden pig card before Zhu Fengchun bosom shakes before in her will shake, when her effort restores a few later, instantaneous unreal melt into an aureate dragon, in returning water. Zhu Fengchun was stupefied by the picture before, and this little girl, also imprint deeply in his heart from this.

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Common people all knows, the childe of Home Zhu and general child are different, all the more slow-witted, also be accordingly, he does not have what friend, later, he raised a piggy to serve as pet. Zhu Fengchun is piggy belt momently beside, inspect it to be its sole good friend, tell about the word in him heart to it, encounter the story of small Long Nv especially, he was told countless times. And that pig also has intelligence it seems that, can understand Zhu Fengchun’s word, but it is very piquant also, often run in disorder rush about, bring a lot of troubles to Zhu Fengchun, but he crosses it without blame however. That is Zhu Fengchun remember with concern the nine long time that marks small Long Nv, the age that he reached to should marry.

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Zhu Fengchun has a shirttail cousin, renown had better clever, the mother of mew wool, with Zhu Laozhong of Home Zhu chamberlain conspire of mutual collude meaning seizes Zhu Jiafeng’s thick penates. Below their arrangement, zhu Fengchun is forced to marry clever clever for wife, but he is in encounter small Long Nv that momently, other is not had again in the heart, so very do not wish. Dan Miaomiao’s mother caught piggy however with bright red chamberlain, with give in of minatory Zhu Fengchun, be like Zhu Fengchun not from, bake piggy make it porket, eat off.

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Zhu Fengchun is helpless, for the good friend can give in, but he secretly plan, the plan is in big marriage that day, save piggy, escape marriage leave. And in those days small Jin Long, be Long Gongzhong of the East China Sea, the 3 princesses with old the most favorite the Dragon King, her reentry world, it is to search the savior that day.

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Small dragon female come across is shopping those who shop is clever, the huge pearl that is worn by small Long Nvpei is attracted, ingenious ingenious hypocrisy has been shown to small Long Nv, with its associate with.

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In Zhu Jia this royal wedding, spreading out in full blast when, over ninefold day, also produced to pursue the action. After bewitching of 9 lives cat is caught, close too on in the furnace of make pills of immortality of old gentleman, too white Venus sneaks away secretly into too on the red room of old gentleman, search be stationed in Yan Xiandan, accidentally drop overturn furnace of make pills of immortality, your bewitching of 9 lives cat escaped.

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Escape after furnace of make pills of immortality, bewitching of 9 lives cat leaves from heavenly palace, abscond is nether, and only then the person that make tomb figure is too white Venus, act under orders arrest of descend to the world.

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Piggy is in desert when, come across is in the too white Venus of embattle, under good luck coincidence, aid its to take evil spirit of 9 lives cat. And Zhu Fengchun is right now save piggy, in greet close when, escape secretly, run into the woods in, happen to encountered too white Venus and bewitching of 9 lives cat to match powers. Accidentally drop of too white Venus hit Zhu Fengchun, make him unfortunate get killed, bewitching of 9 lives cat takes the chance to cover on foot, because piggy helped too white Venus, obtained a day to do human body check to get stuck, held fleshy body of Zhu Fengchun.

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Err to do not let piggy, too white Venus established 8 religious discipline to him, ask he is abided by strictly, can show original shape otherwise. Clever clever be informed Zhu Fengchun to escape marriage, run look about, encountered in Lin Zhong, from the bewitching of 9 lives cat that escapes in hand of too white Venus, was added by its personally, lost the control power to him body.

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8 give up became the pig after the person, want to change no longer answer that, the pig that be partitioned by others at will, he is borne to the utmost do not want to make stop, what can have become evil spirit of 9 lives cat is clever, ceaseless however temptation he, made him show pig face. Although be an upright person later dangerous and difficult road of all previous classics, but 8 give up obtained the pig accidentally however a lot of good luck, for instance, he got the Jin Dan of bewitching of 9 lives cat. Later, pig 8 give up are outer experience is dangerous, I hope Xiaolong daughter is in time to arrive, the pig 8 give up are saved below, and right now, too white Venus also found a pig 8 give up. Clever clever want the night in newly-married to snatch a pig the Jin Dan inside body of 8 give up, disregard too white Venus object, be determined to continue bridal.

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Small Long Nv discovered a pig in wedding the pig card that wind of 8 give up adorns, identified the savior that he himself searchs namely, lose of the times feeling in the heart. Pig 8 give up think in bridal chamber humiliate is clever originally, in order to sign up for the enemy that she ate off his pig friend, who knows however because of clever entice cleverly, made lubricious stop again, the head turned a pig into the head.

20220102035234 61d121822ecf6

Clever clever point out a pig 8 give up are bewitching, guide Home Zhu everybody to chase after kill a hog 8 give up, borrow machine recapture Jin Dan. Small Long Nv sees savior be in danger, move to be saved again, for the pig 8 give up removed temporarily the crisis. Too white Venus plans the pig 8 give up change a piggy, each put in everybody ‘s charge, the pig is chased in him 8 give up when, he is breaking out because of the Jin Dan inside body, all over hot and dry become hard, run to be in inside bathhouse, fine long hair jumped forthwith. Two people are inside bathhouse you chase after me to run, too white Venus is applying a law to capture a pig 8 give up, however by the pig a fart that 8 give up put has gone out to collapse far. The pig gathered in that fart the force of the Jin Dan inside body of 8 give up, the supernatural power that dies too white Venus all is broken, became a child.

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Become too white Venus of the child, be reduced to poverty is gotten very deplorable, somebody sees he throws his money even, can be accordingly, rile beg for food denounces the beggar that does not wear, collective bullies him. Too white Venus follows in the pig beside 8 give up, kill oneself to retaliate him such, give him digging pit again and again, but every time is ask for trouble, more pitiful. Clever clever held Zhu Jia, the servent of your Zhu Jia is medium poison, become evil spirit, small Long Nv is aware of eventually clever clever evil, because of this and clever clever crossed a face.

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Bewitching of 9 lives cat is chased after all the time kill a hog 8 give up, too white Venus gets embroil, but pig when 8 give up escape, never drop too white Venus, ling Taibai is to touch very in Venus heart, plan no longer circumvent pig 8 give up.

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Small Long Nv is protective pig 8 give up, bring back him Long Gong, pig this ability knows 8 Buddhist monastic discipline, the story that master Zhu Fengchun once had told to him is true, and small Long Nv is Zhu Fengchun before 9 years, ever saved the small Jin Long that pass. Pig of look about of too white Venus 8 give up, feudal official captured a dead pig, thinking is pig bewitching, too white Venus does not have supernatural power, cannot differentiate, think pig 8 give up are dead already, for cry bitterly of its cry loudly.

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And be in right now the pig of marine Long Gongzhong 8 give up, break out because of Jin Dan again, painful unceasingly, small Long Nv begs father king to save a person to refuse however. But under, small Long Nv can cheat father only, arranged cold ice of chiliad of most valuable treasure of the East China Sea, save next pigs again 8 give up. In Xiaolong female help falls, pig 8 give up not only the pain that suffers Jin Dan no longer, still gained supernatural power accidentally. When they leave the East China Sea, clever clever had killed a lot of common people, medium the poison of bewitching of 9 lives cat, too go up old gentleman descend to the world, rescue common people at jeopardy in.

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Not only such, too go up old gentleman cipher out pig 8 give up are destiny piggy, nod designedly change at him, cross him to become true mankind. Clever clever be informed Jin Dan already with the pig be in harmony of 8 give up is an organic whole, very angry, want to eat off a pig 8 give up, to capture him, it is menace with the life of the piggy inside whole town.

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Too white Venus follows a pig 8 give ups see evil spirit of 9 lives cat together, after two people defeat his together, too white Venus regains supernatural power smoothly.

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The too white Venus that fall out does not know a person wants the pig 8 give up change a piggy, do not have expect, pig 8 give up had been crossed to change a success, became true Zhu Fengchun. Small Long Nv is right pig infatuation of 8 give up unceasingly, but 8 give up are opposite the pig however act under orders descend to the world, the goddess in the moon of the Yi after waking up falls in love at first sight.

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8 give up go to the pig rainwater of beg to surrender of the East China Sea, produced misunderstanding because of misunderstanding and small Long Nv however, pig after 8 give up leave, small Long Nv is extremely sad, cry greatly more than. Because small Long Nv is inherent discrepant can, want her to cry only, can draw water, 8 give up do not know the pig small Long Nv has such capacity, thinking is he get a day to fall timely rain, happy unceasingly. And right now, the prince of Nanhai dragon palace, because adore is small Long Nv is long already, request month of old child, acting its talk about a marriage to the East China Sea. But small Long Nv of cruel of pig elder brother 100 thousand, small Long Nv waits for deep feeling of pig elder brother from beginning to end unceasingly, to look for a pig 8 give up, she ignores father’s order, steal smooth palace giving a huge extinct reptile, will old the Dragon King is enraged terribly. Ke Xiaolong female desperately 8 give up are hurried off to and come toward the pig, those who change is he makes up to greatly to goddess in the moon only, caress to the utmost. The elder sister of small Long Nv gets the lot of the Dragon King, will search a small Long Nv, still went designedly in lunar Laona, let month of old follower, xiaolong female red line gives hit fast knot.

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Pig because 8 give up adore goddess in the moon, to Xiaolong daughter a bit is not paid attention to, make small Long Nv sad to extremely. 10 suns appeared in the sky, very burning hot, the current around dries up gradually, begin to lack water in the city, dan Change loves clean very, still want to bathe every day. Pig 8 give up to please goddess in the moon, want to hit water for her, be less than fountainhead painfully however at searching, small Long Nv cannot bear see a pig 8 give up are pained, run to help a pig 8 give up hit water.

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Who knows, small Long Nvxin works hard to hit water painstakingly, pig 8 give up however a bit was not touched, instead accidentally overturn pail. The attention of 8 give up puts the pig on body of goddess in the moon entirely, a bit did not notice, the heart of small Long Nv, had been hurt those who appear so that appear by oneself. Descend to the world of goddess in the moon is to wake up hind Yi, let him shoot next redundant nine suns, the common people that rescue lives in misery.

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But no matter how goddess in the moon tries hard, the Yi after cannot be being aroused from beginning to end however, the Yi after she hates becomes nowadays so about, under stretch, be together with the Wu Gang that adores oneself.

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Pig 8 give up for ministrant goddess in the moon, make up girl small drop, run to Wu Gang you home, wait for beside in goddess in the moon.

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Because her descend to the world is too long, begin gradually anile, the hair is gradually whiten, wu Gang sees she became white hair, the heart is unripe cold-shoulder, disregard what she abandons.

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The goddess in the moon with 8 will sad give up takes away the pig, goddess in the moon told him the reason of this descend to the world, 8 give up are the pig help goddess in the moon, plan to practice archery, help her shoot next suns. However no matter how he practices, shoot the sun impossibly, small Long Nv sees a pig the about with 8 so spoony give up, lose unceasingly. Final, hind yuan of god arousal of Yi, regained extraordinary power, shot nine sun, goddess in the moon finished the job, also discover however, the Yi after loving most still is from beginning to end in him heart. But no matter how, she also can return frozen the Moon Palace only, spend endless years.

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The day that goddess in the moon reunions mid-autumn, fly litre of the palace of the moon, 8 give up see the pig beloved goddess in the moon leaves, those who cry is particularly sad.

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And since then, he often is hoping the moon is bemused, small Long Nv feels pig go to the bad of 8 give up, take him to look for medical king to treat a disease. Who knows them to be over there medical king, encountered Sun Wu sky however, was given to catch beautiful fruit hill by him. 8 give up do not abandon the pig from beginning to end the thing that goes seeing goddess in the moon, want small Long Nv to go to those who take the East China Sea deciding Nereus needle even, let him mount the palace of the moon.


8 give up come to pig of belt of small dragon female good intention to the East China Sea, but he wants to arrange calm Nereus needle secretly however, he moves do sth to a person at all not. The Sun Wu that can come along with heel is empty, took the chance to reave calm Nereus needle however, still snatched the crystal Bao Jia of the Dragon King. Medical king takes the monkey of beautiful fruit hill to do live body test, suffer Sun Wu’s empty retaliation, because this knot issues animosity.


The Sun Wu that grabs divine pawn is empty, for the old monkey that bring back to life is cruellied kill by medical king, taking a pig 8 give up enter ground government office, distort book of life and death, be informed by The Jade Emperor, next aim close beautiful fruit hill, as completely cut off as the outside. The child of medical king is small handsome, because illicit of heart be apt to puts the monkey of beautiful fruit hill, and be furious of your medicine king, an eccentric person of the five poisonous creatures of its make it. Sun Wu is hurt by place of an eccentric person for nothing, beautiful fruit hill loses fountainhead because of be being closed, on the verge of death or destruction, 8 give up can go to the pig again only search small Long Nv.


The Dragon King suffers harm again to avoid a daughter, leave no stone unturned prevents a pig 8 give up see small Long Nv, can be the small Long Nv of amative head, see a pig 8 give up will look for her, whats are considered disastrous, direct combination pig 8 give up, cheat the Dragon King, escape a Long Gong. After returning beautiful fruit hill, 8 give up know the pig small Long Nv should cry only, can rain, but because can with the pig 8 give up are together, she is particularly happy, cry not to come out at all so. 8 give up raise the pig, make Sun Wu empty send a moon him over, small Long Nv one sad, can cry. Then, sun Wu uses golden cudgel for nothing, one club hit Sun Wu the Moon Palace for nothing, small Long Nv sees 8 give up took the pig, shed tear sadly. Originally Sun Wu sky is very happy, cannot think of however, small Long Nv cries not was over, beautiful fruit hill encounters drought first, encounter damage caused by waterlogging again, but under, sun Wu is empty a can affirmatory small Long Nv, the pig 8 give up search.


The Jade Emperor also is a goat, goddess in the moon of be covetous on is fine-looking, often wander outside the Moon Palace, because of this and pig 8 give up are acquainted. He uses goddess in the moon, incite a pig 8 give up and Sun Wu compare connecting with the boxing skill for nothing, small Long Nv also runs to look for a pig 8 give up, below her help, pig 8 give up actually conquer Sun Wu is empty, be able to seal to be marshal of day bitter fleabane. The middle of forhead is a pig 8 give up held Qing Gongyan, the month is old malty later littery red line, accident general pig the red line of 8 give up, with Xiaolong female red line was in one case repeatedly. Since that day, 8 give up begin the pig like small Long Nv, but understand in his heart, oneself are small Long Nv far from heart heart reads aloud the bright red elder brother that read aloud. Once, small Long Nv thinks by accident pig 8 give up fell ill, pulling him to see a doctor to house of highly skilled doctor, it is however in lens of heaven and earth, discovered a pig the truth that 8 give up are not Zhu Fengchun.


8 give up are opposite the pig the love of small Long Nv is deeper and deeper, he dare not tell Xiaolong Nuuzhen photograph from beginning to end, little imagine, small Long Nv knows the fact already. Small Long Nv decides to leave a pig 8 give up, however by the pig the real situation of 8 give up is touched, imperceptible before in, small Long Nv fell in love with a pig already 8 give up. Disposition of the Dragon King of the East China Sea changes greatly, became year of animal of faze civilian actually, he dragon mother coop in chiliad mussel, still take away small Long Nv forcibly, the plan marries her the dragon prince of Nanhai.


Pig 8 give up are married in small Long Nv come that day grab close, but small Long Nv is however over there the elder sister, be informed the mouth of spring of the East China Sea be about to dried up, the people of the East China Sea suffers the thing of disaster. That momently, small Long Nv understands, why is father installed mad, why be determined to want the pains that oneself get married, so she can choose to marry only go Nanhai, leave a pig 8 give up.


But 8 give up hit the pig just discover under explore, nanhai dragon prince is a fool unexpectedly, he does not love small Long Nv, the will that marries her to just abide by Nanhai the Dragon King stopped. Nanhai the Dragon King is dead already, the mouth of spring of the East China Sea be about to dried up, the Dragon King of the North sea and Xi Hailong’s mother take the chance collude, the plan unifies the whole world. Want small Long Nv to be married only foolish prince, they agree, the mouth of spring of the mouth of spring that lets Nanhai and the East China Sea closes for an organic whole. Pig 8 give up in order to move spirit old law, with crossing-over of Nanhai dragon prince the identity, with get married of small Long Nv, it is over there small Long Nv, was informed all truths. Besides, they are informed, this is worldly still have 4 the mouth of spring, want to find that the mouth of spring only, can disintegrate all schemes and intrigues. 8 give up suffer small Long Nv and pig chase after kill, I hope the Dragon King of the East China Sea is in time to arrive, pig of acumen of 8 give up be aware of, the mood of the Dragon King of the East China Sea is low.


In the meantime, he remembers again, long Zilong female in, only small Long Nv is had when crying, can the ability of rainfall, the instant is clear, there is an eye in the spring, there is a spring in the eye, the 4th the mouth of spring, be small Long Nv. The Dragon King of the East China Sea and dragon mother, favorite all the more small Long Nv, the four seas all knows, but because,all these is only, they from what be delivered of small Long Nv that momently, know the mission that her body loses. Because they feel distressed this daughter, just be opposite so she, otherer than be opposite child is good, sacrifice to do not let her, for tarry this daughter, the Dragon King of the East China Sea thought all way, can install finally only mad, force she gets married. The big Long Nv of Nanhai is taking prince of little brother dragon to arrive together the North sea, they decide to make Nanhai the mouth of spring and the mouth of spring of the East China Sea amalgamative, rescue aquatic animals of myriad of the East China Sea.


Who knows, the mouth of spring is amalgamative a bit is not effective, and right now, small Long Nv also knew she is the truth of the 4th the mouth of spring. Pig 8 give up cannot bear small Long Nv sacrifices, want to take her to elope, ke Xiaolong female however for the East China Sea, decide him sacrifice.


In last time, small Long Nv and pig 8 give up stay together together, they spent life in, a the best day, later, small Long Nv swoon, melt into the mouth of spring, it is an organic whole with be in harmony of the East China Sea.


The pig that loses small Long Nv 8 give up, burst into tears, however have no alternative, he was lost after all, goodness is good, faithful not the small Long Nv of change.


Teleplay ” spring scenery is gorgeous pig 8 give up ” , it is comedy of love of black unreal of an ancient costume, broadcasted 2000.


Told about year young Zhu Fengchun, because save dragon of next the East China Sea a group of things with common features 3 princesses small Long Nv, and fall in love at first sight with its, but will to the world search a savior when small Long Nv when, zhu Fengchun is already gone. And Zhu Fengchun’s pet, fall in the help of too white Venus, held fleshy body of Zhu Fengchun, became a pig 8 give up. Small Long Nv is pay a debt of gratitude, loving a pig persistently 8 give up, be harmed to come by him however deep, final realize one’s errors and mend one’s ways, love each other with small Long Nv, however can pathos wind up.


Between small Long Nv and savior Zhu Fengchun, the good love that fall in love at first sight, itself is a tragedy, they waited for each other full 9 years, be in however be about to encounter that momently, be apart of life and death. 8 give up replace the pig Zhu Fengchun lived to come down, did not take care of the girl that good Zhu Fengchun loved 9 years however, the month is old littery red line, just make him fall in love with small Long Nv, but what this love comes is too late. Small Long Nv by the pig the life that 8 give up harm, the day that loves each other than them is much more too much, this tragic since penalty, also be to be destined, 8 give up are in the pig after falling in love with small Long Nv, still lost her after all.


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