Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: The hacker revives Caesareanly: Jinu Liweisi discusses the possibility of another hacker Caesarean continuation Jinu Liweisi is the closest from hacker empire in concessionary right of administration with the Buddhist nun abstruse identity regression, the 4th the name is ” the hacker revives Caesareanly ” . After the first film of this series shows 21 years, continuation is taking new partial regression. Be asked about when the actor recently when whether can they return to the 5th part, base exert says he is very glad to become the Buddhist nun again abstruse.

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When accepting Caesarean magazine to interview recently, this actor admits he feels hacker empire is renascent is last film of this series. Speak of recursive possibility, he complements, “I not so think. If I must poll — not, not be voting, it is voting. I can say to pull graceful won’t redo a hacker is Caesarean. I can say to pull graceful won’t redo a hacker is Caesarean..

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However, base the combination of exert acts the leading role triumphant Li – personate of Mo Si of the · that install Ni is Trinitarian, complement says: “We also had considered this issue. ” base exert complements then, “If she invites us again — I am sorry, I talked for you again! If she invites me again, I went in. ” to the person that does not know, the first film of this series ” the hacker is Caesarean ” showed 1999. The foudroyant success of this film brings about two to continuation films continuously and was shown 2003. 3 all films all are directed by Wozhuosiji and playwrite sister. Lana Wozhuosiji wrote a script finally for the 4th film, still brought back even include Jinu Liweisi and triumphant Li · to install Ni · Mo Si inside a few primitive actors.

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Hacker empire is renascent return by Xiehaiya Abodule Ma Ding Ershi, Jiessie Ka Hengweike. ” the hacker is Caesarean 4 ” showed January 14 in home, some people has been in the likelihood copy has read on the net, but is the cinema looks another feels you feel?

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