Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Drama of movie and TV wears side camera lens mediumly, laugh at upset stomach, netizen: Have a kind of impulse that wants to call a director

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1, Lin Xinru and Yan Ge are wide in ” the wife of a prince of bend world emperor ” in wonderful adversary makes fun of, lin Xinru one face is loath make vermicelli made from bean starch straight breathe out feel distressed. Be grabbed by the plastic film of backside however regrettablly lens!

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2, teleplay ” discriminate is passed ” in An Lingrong’s dead camera lens, the place that wears a band is the bumf on the ground, does when becoming ancient time hard, people begin to use toilet paper? So lofty those who go up?

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3, before paragraph time heat sows ” the Gong Lue that delay happiness ” , not only leading role conflagration, also follow even supporting rule fire, li Gong is for instance fair, what act because of him is very lovely really! So not inflexible, can is at the back of his ear what? Too did not take care! Can want great attention later.

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4, Liu Shishi is vacated this piece empty and camera lens is exceedingly beautiful it seems that, but is everybody worn to help camera lens arrive to flicker? The showing with the already apparent cord on the side came, is directing you to amusing us? later period does nobody go to those who do processing?

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5, in ancient costume drama, gold is the thing that royal ability uses, but it is in this drama, when the actor took out the gold that goes up personally, finger actually loiter dropped ” golden pink ” , it is to should let a person frighten really jump greatly, prop group also too do not take a heart!

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