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Original title: Ancient costume theatrical work is the most beautiful ” Sleeping Beauty ” , ju Jing Dai pays a copy, yang Zi the 2nd, the first flourishing age is beautiful colour 6, Ju Jing Dai is in Xue Feishuang ” city of sky of ยท of a poetic name of China ” in act Xue Feishuang, birds infanta Xue Feishuang, highborn, having very high one’s previous experience, she of appearance beauty is called by people the first belle. Have labyrinthian destiny and indomitable heart, inherent nobility but hide scheming, have infinite longing to love. Ease of day of Xue Feishuang zephyr is birds go-between, they from small be brought up together, although snow flies ease of frost gale day half years old but wind day ease all the time very take care of her. Ju Jing Dai the modelling in drama simply too beautiful.

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5, violet Xuan tells the truth, small make up the teleplay that also saw a lot of Tang Yan personate. But most let the person likes and affect profundity, still be the violet Xuan of Tang Yan personate. Strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 3 ” the violet Xuan of the Tang Yan personate inside, the disposition of drive elder sister is very congenial, and she to Xu Changqing spoony, no matter be teen-age violet Xuan, still be the violet Xuan after thousands of years. By Tang Yan of personate without can defy, because she looks after be,the likelihood also is of personate the part is foolish Bai Tian’s part.

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4, Bai Fengjiu way of Dilireba that have one’s moment is very quick, acted the leading role the cavalcade that a few teleplay ascend the body took female bit of a gleam of. When 25 years old Dilireba has joined those who performed theatrical work of black unreal of domestic ancient costume most ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” , hot in drama cling to the Bai Fengjiu of personate is the old beautiful woman after afterwards Bai Jian, because parents is the union of arctic fox and bare fox,so she is the four seas in 8 barren exclusive 9 end red fox, considering blood relationship nature is high and clinking.

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3, skirt of haze skirt haze is teleplay ” unreal city ” one of leading role, emperor of merman of ruler of merman a group of things with common features honour granddaughter, have sterling merman blood relationship. Aikasuoaide is without reservation, can pay everything to block all alone. Finally however a strange combination of circumstance and pear fall crossing-over the soul.

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2, bright and beautiful look for from ” the home has children ” medium light snow, to ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” medium bright and beautiful look for, yang Zi can say to grow more good-looking more, acting also is more and more marvellous. Be in ” sweet honey ” in she is a very innocent small grape, not any vexed, however because knew Xu Feng, and open the brigade of heart of a paragraph of cruel.

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1, although wind fine snow comes from dim abuttals, however the heart is beautiful like warm this world of the rising sun. In Tu Su of terrestrial encounter a hunderd li, was immersed in the fated dispute that burns lonely. With a hunderd li Tu Su’s bosom friend loves each other after. Su Hua of massacre of a hunderd li is aeon cannot the barren fetch of metempsychosis, she is the way that seeks renascence, abandon oneself metempsychosis.

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