Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: An unexpected winner nice 6 suspense theatrical work, missing is regretful 1, ” surprise visit of the Republic of China ” do theatrical work of laugh fast rhythm crack a criminal case, gut acting is online, ability of female main actor is pretty good, the character establishs everybody in light of whole. Gut is very compact, two 3 collect a story, look very satisfy a craving, especially crack a criminal case 3 people group is too gay. On gut, did not think of each picket case arrives to be able to be strung together entirely finally rise, very long did not see play of this kind of detective suspense, gut returns pretty interesting.

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2, ” the blame that lays formerly ” a story a few collect a story the style of a few collect, also like quite, it is law case not quite complex. The sense is simpler, logic is not strong really, but the picture is very pretty, rhythm is not laggard, whole atmosphere is not depressive also, law case evolutional is very fast also, bai Bing that unit is impressive, acting of two leading role is pretty good, but do not have at the back of gut apparently accuse. Final winding-up stage looks all over the face interrogation.

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3, ” dozenth second ” overall and OK, 10 thousand alizarin red the assurance to the character very reach the designated position, two individual disposition are trenchant, the elder sister after manhood makes Han Wenwan goodness, have tough emulative interest. Before a few collect still have bit of meaning. The editing and rearrangement of ten collect is to destroy really from the back. Saw the look of the performance that actors are in hard. Experienced director and playwrite to want to convey the purpose sex of a lot of stories. Can say idea is too plump only, into piece too bone feeling.

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4, ” trace ” rhythm is close, won’t dilatory, crack a criminal case also is to rely on high-tech, the logic of every case is on-line, for instance besides a few unreasonable places Liu Xiaotong is on clavier a chaos is pressed can check all clew beyond, inside the limits that accepts in me, it is a structure at least in net drama complete, gut pushs relatively steady work.

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5, ” rouge ” before 20 part are certain gut decent changed infirmly a lot of, but this drama, a lot of clues are written first-rately, very nervous very exciting. The process that watch opera very bright, liu Yi is very handsome, female advocate male crack with teeth in mouth of 2 Cp it may not be a bad idea, what be overcome namely is case of Na Mali Su Feng take change, still have a few coxcombical plots. Do not cross the average level in view of homebred drama, I feel or go up in passing line.

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6, ” there is no escape ” time metempsychosis, the set that recalls heavy model is very novel, this kind of subject matter returns pretty actually in home scarce, gut is wonderful exceed anticipate, a bit not Suo, lu Han’s villain in drama is taken those who hold is pretty good, have my surprise, like theme of suspense of science fiction of element of this kind of dream too, the group that make does suspense very professional really, suspense adds science fiction again spatio-temporal stagger element, look very absorbing.

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An unexpected winner nice 6 suspense theatrical work, missing is regretful.

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