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Original title: Look ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , understand this drama from detail deepness, present different all corners of the country On the whole, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” gut is around move Xu Feng year begin, be born at other people of riches and honour, he encounters a variety of misfortunes however, experience affliction and hardships, do not lose popular confidence eventually, should go up new boreal cool king. A variety of elements of this work are together shirt-sleeve, include tactics, comedy and love.

20220102043235 61d12ae3e8f4b

After work is broadcasting, rapid focusing everybody’s attention, so is its hotspot basically reflected in what respect? Above all I think the first hotspot is gut fascinating, in moment of inchoate of work of movie and TV, xu Feng year all corners of the country be hurryinged to by father goes itinerary, there is not to have strange Ma Fu to often fizzle out flatly only beside, just can know he is a Wu Lin’s Great Master finally. 2 people are outer 3 years, chase after frequently kill. As gut one pace is thorough, one goes forward one by one, whole story is appeared to be before everybody by complete ground. Annulus annulus photograph is buckled, join natural, indeed wonderful.

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Individual of back-to-back the 2nd hotspot thinks is cast, regard the heavyweight inside the circle as the character, zhang Reyun deduces leading role Xu Feng year. This part is a man of great wisdom appears slow-witted the sort of, outer bound and before father, differ completely. The person sets difference so tremendous, however can accuse so faultlessly, be love really!

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Hu Jun deduces Xu Xiao, it is Xu Feng year old father, the role that he performs looks at experienced and astute. Handle outside thing, reduce attack decisive, but treat a son, special go up heart.

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Li Geng hopes to deduce Xi Chu’s princess, the person sets her deductive a little a few more complex. Bearing foe of domestic hate state. Although the age is not big, but what acting behaves is exceedingly masterly however.

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Zhang Tianai is deduced south Gong Pu is shot. Although deductive is costar, but everybody can see her distinctive glamour is in however, give a person sense of valiant of a kind of heroic bearing.

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Its one after another sees a drop 3 times I consider as later period to make, to can show more delicate picture to everybody, play staff put oneself out of the way undertakes true condition films for many times, not hesitate use up many manpower material resources. To make knight-errant yuan appear more conspicuous, they left very great time on element of water Chinese ink. The dub in background music of the picture also is proper, do not have encumbrance already, also did not make a person not specific.

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The 4th visits the office that orders me to think be it is distinctive finally, the place with this individual theatrical work depends on bringing continuous concussion to the netizen, let everybody feel the style of drama of the knight-errant inside the circle looks brand-new. The knight-errant drama previously, most contend for power and profit and brutal and actual metropolis present everybody directly, evade none. But this drama is in it seems that promote viewpoint of value, giving what everybody reveals is almost energy. Overturn the traditional everybody understanding to knight-errant drama, gifted to knight-errant drama the character of contemporary element.

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I think the gist of this drama is active very up and 3 view very, be brave in to assume responsibility for example, erupt last latent capacity inside him body, in be brave in to challenge life, those see the tremendous difficulty that is like impossible implementation. With respect to this this on one hand, my feeling encounters adventure more suddenly than those to leave then hang triumph, it is good to open those the plot of a plays that are hanged to finally all the time next too much about this drama what is your view

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