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Original title: She is the most beautiful ” ancient costume goddess ” , figure is handsome and sweet, today by ” police dog comes ” explode thoroughly red Encircle in the recreation that the talent comes forth in large numbers, say ” small red rely on to hold in both hands, bright red lean a lot ” , the star that a lot of resource counter a day one piece have the resource that counters a day, obtain force to hold in both hands, but always make pinkish red person however not red, stem from a little awkward condition. Consider appearance melting, acting is masterly do not lose one, but appear however always little one explodes red gas is urgent, ability will be not so lukewarm not fire. Compare the season is young nowadays make up those who say this, piece acted countless classical explode red work, but make pinkish red person from beginning to end however not quite red, she is having namely the most beautiful ” ancient costume goddess ” female Xing Yangrong.

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Yang Rong was born in Yunnan 1981, it is girl of the Bai nationality, have talent talent very much as a child, take an examination of Xie Jinheng more successfully that 14 years old years to open star school, in carelessness when be in teleplay ” 10 thousand lis of clear sky ” in held the position of heroine. Yang Rong is depended on melting and moving, clever eyes left very deep impression to the audience, become the goddess that cannot replace in audience memory.

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Yang Rong has delicate and patient Yan Zhi, have a pair of big eyes of bright more, in the eyes clever make a person enchanted. Especially Yang Rong’s ancient costume, really beautiful letting popular feeling quivers, be in e.g. Yang Rong ” teenager the emperor ” in the Tong Layue that act, appearance charming is spruce melting, if skin coagulates fat, have city of kind of one person laugh bend very much, laugh at the feeling of bend person country again, the ancient costume goddess of appropriate appropriate.

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Again for instance Yang Rong is in ” beauty is made ” figure of medium Su Lian garment, green and handsome, double eye bright ases if can talk, the figure is gentle and graceful graceful more, let the girl that the person feels beautiful just like 18 years old, but do you know? Acting ” beauty is made ” Su Lian garment when, yang Rong already 33 years old, but beautiful however just like 28 fragrant China girl, be worthy of really is audience memory is medium ” ancient costume goddess ” .

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But although Yang Rong’s ancient costume is special absolutely beautiful, but however always rarely the audience can remember her, but before paragraph the Yang Rong of time explodes by right of drama of a public security however red, often let a person love with respect to dispute then ” police dog comes ” . What Yang Rong acts in this drama is a disposition lovely and melting, handle a case the policewoman that heroic bearing ofs material bearing, with partner bridge another name for Guangdong Province, chirp of police dog China uncovered each case together, special heroic spirit is absolutely beautiful make a person enchanted.

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Although Yang Rong is acted ” police dog came ” when medium He Mu cotton already 36 years old, but green however and handsome, filled young and ignorant and lovely air of the girl, make an audience especially other love. Yang Rong also explodes thoroughly eventually because of this drama red, not only it is audience memory is medium ” goddess of the most beautiful ancient costume, more 100 change goddess, any figure can control easily, can say special make a person enchanted. So, do you like Yang Rong? What what wants to say is there?

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