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Original title: Lin Xinru 10 classical parts, explode from crape myrtle red to Rose mom Sang Huali decay! Respecting forest heart if, what can everybody think of the first times? 17 years old go out to begin to become her of model, go out when 22 years old act ” return Zhugege ” prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, the popular feeling of tender figure implant of crape myrtle, lin Xinru can say the childhood that is everybody is recollected, the show passes the work of a lot of win universal praise, should have producer more, yield a lot of popular and Thespian, this lets us consider 10 of Lin Xinru classical roles back and forth! 1. ” return Zhugege ” crape myrtle

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Fined jade 1998 precious jade of playwrite ” return Zhugege ” broadcast, you Zhaowei, Lin Xinru, Su Youpeng and Zhou Jie act the leading role, do laugh relaxed ancient costume drama lifts an agitation, make two heroine Zhao Wei, Lin Xinru big explode red, the small swallow with ancient clever odd choice and Wen Wan’s moving crape myrtle, can say the childhood that is everybody is recollected, lin Xinru has performed a few theatrical work before crape myrtle actually, give priority to with costar mostly nevertheless, ” return Zhugege ” can saying is support of the people of climate favourable geographical position, created a lasting classical part. 2. ” love is deep rain is drizzly ” Liu Ruping

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” love is deep rain is drizzly ” adapt fine jade oneself the novel that precious jade ” misty rain is drizzly ” , you Zhaowei, Su Youpeng, Gu Juji and Lin Xinru act the leading role, land of Lin Xinru personate is like duckweed, it is Liu Yiping’s half-blooded little sister holds rival in love concurrently, the war of two women also causes a lot of topics, lin Xinru also has his view to the part, she and playwrite fine jade precious jade communicate show origianl work in if duckweed is too cowardly, because this is made,give to mix what differ in the book is brand-new figure, lin Xinru also lets everybody see her of different crape myrtle. 3. ” Lu Ding is written down ” the princess that establish peace

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Join forces of Hong Kong and Taiwan makes ” Lu Ding is written down ” , present as leading role to act the leading role by Zhang Weijian, Tan Yaowen and Lin Xinru, zhang Weijian edition ” Lu Ding is written down ” the belle if the cloud is very classical, still can remember now ” cool wind has a letter, autumn month immensity, deficient the mood that I think of charming is just like one day seems like a year ” the classical actor’s lines of this Wei Xiaobao, sly pretty of Lin Xinru personate builds peaceful princess lovelily, the person that performs Guo Jianning’s princess gives in work of movie and TV a lot of, if Dan Linxin is classical absolutely one of. 4. ” beauty calculation ” Dou Yi room

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Lin Xinru was controlled 2006 develop mainland of migrate of centre of gravity, go out early or late had performed a lot of work, established individual atelier even, ministry and this Yuzheng cooperated 2010 ” beauty calculation ” achievement is quite good also, present as leading role to act the leading role by the person such as Lin Xinru, Chen Jian sharp edge, Wang Likun, Yang Mi, He Chengming, Luo Jin, tell about empress of antrum of filial piety article grow history, it is a Gong Dou big female advocate drama, take delicately change, make price of this a review of a play quite good. 5. ” the wife of a prince of bend world emperor ” Ma Fu is elegant

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” the wife of a prince of bend world emperor ” it is Lin Xinru makes the teleplay that reachs a main actor the first times, having great sense to her transition, by Lin Xinru, Yan Ge wide, Huo Jianhua acts the leading role, tell about Hunan country fragrant of horse of princess of a conquered nation is elegant with Sichuan country Liu of emperor of bless of crown prince the first month, north Chinese connects the love between the city to hate dispute, fragrant of horse of Lin Xinru personate is elegant, although gut is criticized too Malisu, but viewing rate and broadcast a quantity quite breathtaking, can saying is make a great coup, also mix accordingly become attached to of husband Huo Jianhua. 6. ” 16 summer ” Tang Jiani

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Lin Xinru made 2015 ” 16 summer ” , exhibit by Lin Xinru, Yang Yi, peaceful, Xie Jia sees Xu Wei, Zou Chengen acts the leading role, it is with the summer 1998 begin, taiwan comes 16 years days is transitional, the affection dispute of 4 leading role gives priority to an axis, ” 16 summer ” not only viewing rate has exceeded, still be seleted award of multinomial gold bell, more take award of female costar of next repertoire award, program and program to direct award, force of the work that make suffers greatly as before reputably. 7. ” my boy ” Luo Xiaofei

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2017 ” my boy ” by Lin Xinru, Zhang Xuan farsighted, Li Liren, Gao Shengyuan, Wen Zhenling presents as leading role to act the leading role, luo Xiaofei of Lin Xinru personate, with Zhang Xuan younger brother of farsighted prate sister is loved, gut and Yan Zhishuang are online, in life of fine ferret occurrence fruit but the worry with big woman, evaluate also perfectly. 8. ” who is victim ” Li Yajun

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Bright red 2020 suspense inference drama ” who is victim ” , by Zhang Xiaoquan, Xu Wei peaceful, Wang Shixian presents as leading role to act the leading role, lin Xinru changes greatly before tender figure, gues-star piece act suffer after the home is cruel the Li Yajun with diseased psychology, although show share is not much, but of the breakthrough masterly acting makes a person impressive, also let a person see new model appearance of Lin Xinru. 9. ” those things that they do poineering work ” small Niao of fair smelt metal

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” those things that they do poineering work ” adapt the caricature from Chaimenwen ” club of female strong person ” , by book of Chen Yihan, Lin Xinru, Qiu Ze, brief , Li Liqun, La Xinmei, excuse get the better of, Lin Zhexi presents as leading role to act the leading role, small Niao of fair smelt metal of Lin Xinru personate, it is a duty field female strong person, the to duty field part description in passing theatrical work is too little, give priority to with love line instead, evaluation deflection is polar, but the female that still is Taiwan group add brushstroke like leap, brief book takes prize of female costar of repertoire of the 56th Jin Zhong smoothly also. 10. ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” Luo Yunong

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The near future heats up greatly ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” , by Lin Xinru, Yang Youning, Yang Jin China, Feng Xiaoyue, Zhang Xuan farsighted, Liu Pinyan, Xie Qiong warm, Xie Xin glume, Guo Xuefu presents as leading role to act the leading role, with hotel of type of day of acting 1980 Taiwan ” smooth ” the foe of affection love hate that produce, and hotel mom mulberry and the life story of the young lady that accompany wine give priority to an axis, suspense gut adds style restoring ancient ways to suffer greatly reputably, mom of Rose of Luo Yunong of Lin Xinru personate, she what the first season is betrayed by the good friend, the development with new what can the 2nd season have? [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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