Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Commemorate bosom of | Betty · is special: Of the United States ” national grandma “ 2021 the last day, knock noisy in ding of distance New Year only during remnant counts a hour, bosom of · of Betty of American well-known actress is special (Betty White) suddenly like that demit world, enjoy life 99 years old. To the audience of area of majority of China and even Asia, Europe, betty · conceives special name, do not talk to go up probably reverberate like thunder, but to American, this Ceng Wu captures the old show spirit of TV Emmy honor, of the TV screen that is one hundred percent however ” national grandma ” . 20220102043406 61d12b3e62234 Betty · bosom leaves Betty · bosom special 100 years old nowadays especially of birthday day (on January 17, 2022) , have 3 weeks Yao only. Go for some time in, hollywood is remittent those who be the person luck that celebrates her year, make sufficient preparation already, ” character ” (People) the magazine makes cover special number of a eriodical for her, and the well-known actress such as Dina Fei, Ruian Leinuoci film the name for her ” Betty · bosom is special: 0 hind ” (Betty White: 100 Years Young) special number of a eriodical of congratulate on sb’s birthday, place already can be in Yu Quanmei each district appointed cinema synchronism 100 times to show in all that day on January 17. However, person of alleged and providential lane, of White die suddenly, although was not affected this show a plan, but to already for the faithful vermicelli made from bean starch with the Betty · special bosom of ticket of movie of try to win sb’s favor, sit in the thing reminds one of its owner below screen to moment, be destined to meet is to all sorts of feelings well up in one’s heart. Betty · bosom was born in American Illinois on January 17, 1922 especially, childhood follows state of California of family change one’s dwelling house namely, leave the reason that indissoluble with Hollywood knot at this point. After the middle school graduates, she begins to be on TV screen, arrive from young woman of singing and dancing program of put together art is chaired arrive again teleplay costar, work steadily, accumulate experience and person energy of life gradually. When 29 years old, the anthology of TV scene drama that act the leading role by her and holds the position of producer and playwrite ” Yi Lisha is white ” (Life With Elizabeth) leave formally sow, manage job of behind the curtain by the male in all of one suit at that time, pioneering work of it may be said. 20220102043406 61d12b3e93231 ” Yi Lisha is white ” White joins Betty · in all all one’s life perform work of movie and TV more than 120, the famousest part is to came to heated up sowed NBC teleplay collect in complete beauty 1992 1985 ” gold young woman ” (The Golden Girls) the Luo Si in. Middleaged when she vidual and additionally 3 lone old sisters live below same eave. Drama anthology is mixed around their respective career affection, development goes each to touch interesting story. 20220102043406 61d12b3ebb3c4 ” gold young woman ” after entering new century, the acting that White disregards advanced age to still be doted on to oneself art the career does not leave do not abandon, the love that her Ceng Can has performed Sandra Bullock and Ruian Leinuoci to act the leading role is comedic ” holiday marriage ” (The Proposal, 2009) , plus the beautiful theatrical work that came to broadcasted 2015 2010 ” Cleveland burning passion ” (Hot In Cleveland) , white capture the heart of many young vermicelli made from bean starch. 2010, answer viewer demand, famous put together art program ” Saturday nocturnal spot ” invite her to gues-star chair, also let 88 years old at that time she, achieved purpose of this archives section to manage age record. 20220102043406 61d12b3eed71b ” Saturday nocturnal spot ” Betty · bosom has had 3 paragraphs of marriage all one’s life especially, bear children without the choice. To this, she ever expressed, oneself know oneself have some of one-track mind, absolutely cannot at the same time Yo of give attention to two or morethings with the career two life important matter, because this has wanted to want all one’s life early dedicated act in a play, do not want the alternative that the child is herself, never regret.

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