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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” Xu Feng year what be afraid of least of all is father Xu Xiao, that he most who is the person that be afraid of In ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in this drama, if ask Xu Feng year who is what fear least of all, that is without think affirmation is him old father. But if come out child most who is afraid person, a lot of person did not know the likelihood, I feel world child most the 2 elder sister that the person that be afraid of is him undoubtedly, but why Xu Feng year do not be afraid of his father Xu Xiao, but to him 2 elder sister are however,fear? I will to everybody say.

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Xu Feng year do not take brave of old father Xu to should return a responsibility, this is the thing that the everybody in government office of boreal cool king knows. Know to return know, nobody dare speak out. Because they know, not be Xu Feng year do not be afraid of Xu Xiao, be opposite because of Xu Xiao in those days children people too too doting, nevering mention it is pair of Xu Feng year, it is Xuwei of pair of big daughter Xu Zhihu, 2 daughters young son Xu Long resembles Xiong He, also be same. And Xu Xiao also understands his children, because,do not meet his doting and abandon.

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Again for say Xu Feng year do not be afraid of Xu Xiao, I think to still have a deep factor, that is his mother Wu Su, regard north as cool princess. Wu Su is the most serious person in Xu brave lifetime, xu Xiao this all one’s life likes also have her only one person, but be in ” white garment case ” in, wu Su is ambuscaded to besiege by numerous ace, although not die in the last ditch, but also load personally,hurt. The injury that leave, make she suddenlies to die early like that.

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Final fish ” white garment case ” chief instigator is an emperor, can be Xu Xiao however cannot with imperial fall out, boreal cool cavalry once south below, in that way big chaos of Central Plains certainly will, he also won’t agree to go to such revenging before his Wu Su dies. Xu Xiao also is forced first the enemy of love wife is laid aside at the same time, total heart management north is cool base course of study, but he checks this work children people have ashamed.

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Father cannot revenge for the mother, in Xu Feng year in the heart all the time be troubled Yu Huai. It is Xu Xiao on one hand remorse to filial ashamed, it is Xu Feng on the other hand year the rancor that to piscine father Xu Xiao cannot revenge, such Xu Feng year can you be fear of Xu Xiao how again? But, to 2 elder sister Xu Weixiong differred. Since the mother dies, his elder sister, xu Zhihu and Xu Weixiong bear the responsibility that had certainly little brother almost, especially bear of short for Weihe River of Xu of 2 elder sister treats a little brother the requirement is most strict.

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To Xu Feng year, xu Weixiong Yi Shiyi elder sister. As his 2 elder sister, she very be very fond of this little brother. But serve as Xu Feng year teacher, xu Weixiong is right Xu Feng year requirement it may be said is extremely strict, do not allow monkey business of Ku of little brother fine silk fabrics. For instance Xu Feng year should go drilling knife, should go entering swing all corners of the country, 2 elder sister think this is not a world child the business that do, xu Feng year still worry to after seeing 2 elder sister, be criticized accordingly

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Actually Xu Feng year to 2 elder sister Xu Weixiong fears to still have another reason, because bear of short for Weihe River of Xu of 2 elder sister is not father and maternal one’s own,that is, feel to avoid Xu Weixiong by desolate, father and mother also compare pair of other children to Xu Weixiong more care, but to Xu Feng year, also be to fear 2 elder sister feel by desolate, also show naturally very afraid appearance. And understand bear of Xu short for Weihe River does not think him call her ” 2 elder sister ” , also became to the appellation of 2 elder sister then ” elder sister ” .

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This can be the optional variation of appellation not just, xu Weixiong looks in alien Diao Man is unjustifiable, can be Xu Feng year it is docile and obedient however to 2 elder sister, actually this also is Xu Feng year the care to 2 elder sister and guard, whats cannot compare the affection between their sister younger brother. Then outer person looks, became Xu Feng year fear 2 elder sister. Do not have method, the fact is Xu Weixiong than Xu Feng year big, although Xu Feng year finally is the world the first, be being added also is boreal cool king, he also is ” be afraid of ” Xu Weixiong of 2 elder sister, because she is his elder sister,be.

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I think Xu Feng year fear 2 elder sister, because be guarded to what short for Weihe River of elder sister Xu rebukes,be completely, do not think the elder sister has in Xujia by desolate feeling, this ability is love of the truest sister younger brother, you feel

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