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Original title: Grandson the six ministries in feudal China of couple makes complacently: The first let her harvest happiness, last cannot see however Grandson of the summit of summit of the six ministries in feudal China of couple make: The first let her harvest happiness, last are banned to sow however

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1, ” happiness resembling flower is same ” . Sun Liken is decided special feel happy oneself go out acted ” happiness resembling flower is same ” this drama, be because of this play she just knew Deng Chao, and harvested love, had the life with happy nowadays happiness.

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2, ” that year the flower opens a month round ” . In the audience in this drama people saw grandson the acting of couple, she is in drama the Zhou Ying that of personate is adamancy, she is an extraordinary woman, a person instigated the heavy burden of a family, your audience admires unceasingly.

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3, ” Mi month is passed ” . This is big female advocate play, from grandson the Mi of couple personate 8 child deduce this lifetime end all the time in one’s childhood. The little girl that she cold-shoulders even servant girl from the moved toward influence peak of one pace.

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4, ” discriminate is passed ” . ” discriminate is passed ” can saying is grandson couple a teleplay with this the most classical half a lifetime. The discriminate that she acts in drama is the girl of an innocent goodness at the beginning, later however by hind of palace contend for the pollution that bestows favor on little, get rid of finally the competitor becomes queen mother. And she also is called by netizens by this drama ” empress or imperial concubine of the first rank ” .

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6, ” much crane of little one’s mother’s sister ” . Likelihood everybody does not understand this drama too, what she acts in drama is woman of a Japan, knowing is what reason, this drama was banned to sow.

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