Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Ever was ” the most beautiful Zhou Zhi if ” , it is lone as before when 53 years old, want to love canine photograph to accompany with 8 only Although the development of homebred now teleplay is very rapid, ceaselessly all sorts of new theatrical work are rolled out, and of net drama arisen also let this one market be pounded, competition is bigger. But still having a lot of teleplay is an audience people in the heart forever classical, basically can saying is completely impossible to was surmounted. These teleplay not only gut is wonderful, actors acting is outstanding, backside still can have a lot of far-reaching meanings, because this experience is long cover is new, turn over the aftertaste again till today, also still can let a person feel special addiction.

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Especially the drama of a few knight-errants previously, have a plenty of adapted knight-errant novel, that ability is the knight-errant world that brought raw ingredient of a former juice to everybody truly, war, chou Ai hates feeling, one is sowed let countless audiences cannot help doing sth, be enmeshed among them. Even if still has a lot of people to undertake breaking up patting later, but not only nobody can be surmounted, instead more the version before feeling letting a person is more classic.

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For example ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” , most propbably everybody somewhat hear of. Such really, no matter be a novel, still be the teleplay of each version, it is the focus that everybody pays close attention to. This film can say the knight-errant theatrical work that is special typical case in a lot of audience hearts. In those days every time summer vacation, is very much small companionate metropolis punctual defend look before TV? And amid lets a lot of people leave the deepest impressional part to be about to count Zhou Zhi to be like.

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Everybody should understand Zhou Haimei very much. Especially 80 hind very familiar to her, she also is a very well-known actress. And Zhou Zhi if this part figure also lets a lot of people act according to for classical, be called a version of the most beautiful best show. Especially that pair of eyes, have clever energy of life too, feeling giving a person fills a narrative, when laughing especially, of curved turn, have look very much.

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Be like this figure to let her make a great coup besides Zhou Zhi, acting very much also big Ga has cooperated in art bound, the Zhou Xing that is familiar with e.g. us gallop namely among them one of. But regretful is, zhou Haimei the body appeared at that time state, cannot accept too much job, yield because of what this reduced work, this is in change rate is very rapid acting is a huge blow undoubtedly for art circle. After although be in,the illness improves, she was returned again perform art circle, but the optimal opportunity that belongs to her to develop had passed. Although filmed a few work, but the sense that gives a person has been mixed a bit different before.

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Present Zhou Haimei has passed 50, celibate still one person, ferial li of life love a dog with oneself together, although very happy also leisurely and comfortable, but also let vermicelli made from bean starch people the life that fears she will come can alone. But to such case, herself is very contented, probably this is the life that she wants. Are you still written down so that the Zhou Zhi of Zhou Haimei version is like? Do you like this one image that she acts?

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