Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Celebrate character of ending of one’s remaining years to put the cloud on the ice why to prick Fan Xian

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In teleplay ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in ending, because this is he and the scheme of model idle,Yan Bingyun pricks Fan Xian is. The Fan Xian in drama saves Yan Bingyun after coming back, 2 emperor were encountered on the road that go back child of at hand surround, subsequently draw of character ice cloud is pricked to Fan Xian, fan Xian falls down. Actually this is act in a play gives 2 emperor child look, accordingly this is a scheme between them.

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Yan Bingyun is Yan Rehai’s son, he is children of old and well-known family, total control is worn network of information of the Northern Qi Dynasty. His disposition is tough, appearance is frozen, capable. He can sacrifice for national interest oneself, was betrayed by long princess Li Yunrui later. Cruel torture of a year sufferred in the Northern Qi Dynasty, later by Fan Xian rescue.

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Fan Xian is a person that pass through, it is to celebrate a country tens of year the witness person of harships picture scroll. He is having pretty feature, but strength is thin and resolute, kind-hearted the abdomen is black. He often is fond of anger not form at color, hiding unique god result, serious to the person situation is serious justice. Person of Fan Xian that act is Zhang Reyun, zhang Reyun is very handsome, look gentle, but very mature. He does not do sth unconventional or unorthodox, solid act in a play, every brought role makes a person impressive.

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