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Original title: Qin Hailu ” small quick home ” : Jin Bo gets offline temporarily, thanksed to Li Ping is operated this Article | sees | of picture of movie and TV come from slightly ” small quick home ” family of | of type of stage photo movie and TV / love watchs ☆ of ☆ of ★ of ★ of exponential | ★

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By Zhou Xun Huang Lei presents as leading role to act the leading role, the domestic love drama that Qin Hailu besmears cliff Song Lianmei acts the leading role ” small quick home ” , the gut of early days, look person too hold back was bent. Small quick two children that follow Home Li Ping, the important period of eve of the university entrance exam, do not learn well, learned a person to mention love secretly however. Small quick because of the son, be eaten those who die to death by former husband, a bit disposition is done not have. Jin Bo the debt pressure oneself, all overwhelms on son body, allow the travel before the son loads for him. These gut, look any better the audience is anxious extremely. It is disposition especially beyond the mark tenderness, what Wen Tun swallows is small quick anxious. When can she discover Jin Bo’s issue, ability turns over Helot vocal, erupt, treat the former husband that treats this not to rely on chart. Result, this big melon came. As the audience, fail to wait for Lai Xiaomin’s outbreak, wait however come thunderbolt be furious of Lai Liping, also can be accident happy event however.

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Must say, when playwrite is arousing the sentiment of the audience, pretty has two brushes. Where is the pain spot that knows an audience too with urticant dot. The thing is such development, jin Bo for avoid a creditor, in ex-wife small quick home does not go. Jin Jiajun is in of father accompany below, still playing game in the depth of night, it is to replace father repay a debt. Small quick discovered, although be pressed by Jin Jiajun,the excuse of muscularity cheats pass a barrier, insist to want to evict Jin Bo however. Fall in same eave to avoid cummer and former husband, brush the scintilla that gives love again. Chen Zhuo the old building him home, borrowed Jin Bo to live. Such day, look in spectator, want much vexed to have much vexed. Do not say house leakage slants receive rain of reaching the sky, how is also dark wave billowy.

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On the other hand, daughter fine fine of Chen Zhuo and small quick son Jin Jiajun is talking about love secretly. This, jin Bo saw, but climb Gao Zhi’s Jin Bo gladly, won’t object right-down. He is such idea probably, after all, their home is a son, how to wear, also won’t be in an unfavorable situation. Next, jin Jiajun escapes class, fine fine sneaked away to come out secretly, go looking for Jin Jiajun. This one act, was seen by Li Ping. Conveniently made a telephone call to the daughter, two words are perfunctory, followed to go up. Track down by following clues, the result ate really another big melon.

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The place that original daughter goes to, it is the old building that before the husband divorces in front of oneself, lives. The result is knocked open the door, those who open the door is Jin Bo. Jin Bo is what person, to Li Ping such commercial elite, this is wary avoid not as good as the existence with general god of plague. The person that oneself hide to have not enough time, was gotten by former husband however, still let his occupy the house previously. Old Zhuo Wei what is so old incompetent all the time, success giving a point is not become on the career. Because knowledge person is not clear,be probably, what person dare be gotten in past home. Reckon Li Ping sees Jin Bo here, tell groovy former husband in the heart at the same time namely, eat melon calmly secretly at the same time. Must say, the eye that Li Ping sees a person is too poisonous, she starts to talk to ask Jin Bo, pay rent? Jin Bo can color of course peace and tranquility, say oneself won’t take person petty gain. But see Li Ping this small eyes, guess her to believe? Must boast the acting of a Qin Hailu, this gas field, a meter 8 always have. Follow in the son at ordinary times small quick the affectation before and blackguardly appearance, arrived here, completely bad to make. Can so good that resemble a quail.

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Nevertheless the word says, all corners of the country has a common saying, it is OK to eat melon, can eat far melon only, close melon cannot be tasted, eat melon easily to eat him body to go up otherwise. Just as one would expect, on one second, li Ping still is listening aside Jin Bo says lie, sit in sofa at the same time good move values play. The result finishs one second, li Ping cannot come down calmly. Knock noise rises, open the door, the daughter that sees oneself follows Jin Bo’s son, went hand in hand. Jing is not surprizing, outside meaning, no matter have the person that has become mother, can understand the mood of the Li Ping in drama probably. It is a variety of Chinese cabbage of the sort of elaborate conserve, by pig arch the sort of heartstricken mood. Li Ping is an eager to do well in everything and the person with heart very high morale, what thing should strive best. To the daughter in the future, also be had made long-term plan early. Perhaps had never thought, let a daughter be married rich and powerful family. But at least, won’t hope the daughter wants the person of entrust, family circumstances is too poor. Do not say first small quick origin of so common relatives by marriage, whether can be Li Ping accepted. Say Jin Bo for the moment such relatives by marriage is fair, absolutely cannot accept Li Ping. Talking about love can be two the individual’s things, but marriage, it is two families however, it is two familial things even. As the mother, do not have the child that has person him hope, be not relied on the domestic fair be a burden on of chart.

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Must say, gas field of Qin Hailu is too powerful, this strong female president gets angry. Two children add a Jin Bo, 3 people stand automatic and darlingly into a station that be punished. Catch Li Ping to operate, hair is small make old building together with former husband in. To 5 people it is an example, this has fallen, 5 people discharge a station, listening to Li Ping v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates together. Right, li Ping should explode again melon. Chen Zhuo follows small quick the lover concerns, two children are suddened with Jin Bo not as good as defense sector pounded. Want to talk about two children of a love well only originally, did not think of to be about the lover becomes sibling eventually. Jin Bo also is to did not think of, so oneself just are that clown. Before two days still ask the person in ex-wife home, the position of a play the peacock and glamour, result other people two people flew wing to wing early. This melon eats, a few people conceive idea each. The gut of this one collect, information content wants scarcely too big.

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Jin Bo such person, average person, tolerate very hard. Do not learn to disregard, do-nothing, still want to become rich home father in law unluckily however, learn person investment. The business fails, making want in the mouth free-standing, however have grandiose aims but puny abilities, bear hardships be afraid of tired, can eat loiter to drink in ex-wife home loiter only. Still want to use ex-wife to be finished to the son’s compromise resume marriage, try to let had been without the ex-wife of association, carry debt of next a huge sum for him. Good news is, this one collect, jin Bo gets offline eventually. The person arrives middleaged, also be independence is individual, either live for who purely. Leave old love, perhaps be indicative recovery new student only. Look at so much actual strength to send play of actor violent wind, want scarcely too delighted. Traitorous period children, broke love not to break the predecessor of close affection, protect calf again however faultily child parents. So trifling life, deduce easily what filled form of all sorts of snarl of be laughing and playing again however,

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