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Original title: Too grievance! Sha Yi from male advocate become utility man, be Huang Yi’s boiler completely? Why is Nie Yuan become win the home greatly Because of,this is article head sanded excessive Huang Yi a word, not only from male advocate became male 4 still suffer the director is painful batch, where does Sha Yi differ after all? Is childhood remembered ” on is wrong bridal sedan chair married to man ” the secret laborious with unbeknown what to still have? Filming actually when this teleplay, play staff for managing capital, choose appropriate actor to each schools. The Sha Yi at that time returns the fat uncle that is not now, however army art officer is female, of this title contain Troy to have how old, still ask authority reference currently holds the post ofschool careless Yang Yang. In this course that chooses an actor, what the appearance that Sha Yi depends on his humorous disposition and Jun Lang makes this theatrical work is male advocate Qi Tianlei.

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The ill disaster that the Qi Tianlei in drama is a publicity child, nature of that body form is very delicate in health, then Sha Yi is at a heat for joint part inside a month thin 40 jins. However when he enters group hind, the praise that did not receive a director not only speaks to scold instead: Who lets your privately reduce weight, add to me rapidly come back! Right now Sha Yi is one face muddled, is Qi Tianlei very emaciated? However this word asks exit, he just knows the director lets Nie Yuan early go out with respect to the decision act male advocate, oneself were become by arrangement a young general: Sha Pingwei. Sha Yi is dare anger not dare character, after all when those he or wet behind the ears new personality, but he did not forget inquiry director why to revise an attention temporarily from beginning to end, this checks ability to discover everything is Huang Yi’s classic. Actually the Huang Yi at that time also is to just graduate, in come before interview of this play staff, she fines jade first precious jade of the aunt ” love is deep rain is drizzly ” , what Dan Qiongyao cold-shoulders her to cry is too ugly, fining jade young woman cries after all is drop. Right now yellow Yi Xianran still does not have this competence, then she twisted a head to go ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” play staff, who tells a director medium she, immediate give the final decision lets her perform Du Bing wild goose, and she also took the chance to recommend her to the director male friendly Nie Yuan goes out act male a Qi Tianlei. And a that is ineffable close feeling that the director looks at Nie Yuan and Huang Yi, decide to let two people go out at once perform He Liyu of neat day Lei lake, turn and let wild goose of Du Bing of personate of small Li Lin. Then the Qi Tianlei on screen is mixed Li Yuhu a perfect pair, only an eyes can see their eye is medium full love, but who thinks of the Sha Yi that was abandoned again? Had done not have two years however, the Nemesis of two people came.

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Sha Yi this lifetime most hate is not recreational group to walk to be held in both hands high low, also not be popular oneself are little fresh pork when uncle, when oneself become younger brother of one’s father flesh of popularity small delicacy, let him lose however male advocate the Huang Yi of show share, dan Tiandao has metempsychosis, two people conflagration while, also made them respective lose true love. In those days ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” after broadcasting, not only bully screen all TV stations, wet behind the ears yellow Yi Yeli got namely everybody’s attention, after two years if wish to go out,act eventually fine jade precious jade the play of the aunt ” return Zhugege 3 ” , can receive hers is He Nieyuan however to part company. According to hearsay of in the bookshops, in those days Nie Yuan goes explore class ” return Zhugege 3 ” , discover she and Gu Juji are close all the more, because big hair of this vinegar meaning is brought about,part company.

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Still have saying is Huang Yi is filming ” miracle ” when was seen by Nie Yuan she and He Rundong bearing are close, but Nie Yuan gave to this later negative, after all he also is an actor, although jealous also can understand however,see close show share. Also someone says Nie Yuan does not agree with her to go out at that time act ” still bead 3 ” , however these did not get confirming, what can affirm exclusively is Nie Yuan says two people feeling was done not have. But actually two people are in early film ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” when begin to often quarrel, once because too ultra move still move had a hand, yellow Yi La dropped Nie Yuan’s headgear, and Nie Yuan also destroyed her bead flower, but this shocked the everyone of the play staff. Also be the affray because of this, the staff member of the play staff just knew the amour of two people, inevitable also of course sufferred a director scold, but had had not enough time to change person selected at that time, can let two people continue to act only finally.

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But those who be worth to rejoice is, although Nie Yuan divided a hand with Huang Yi, never had said her however any bad. Mix compared with Huang Yi the big fight of two former husband, nie Yuan suits Huang Yi more it seems that, probably two people can be sufferred from in all only really cannot be the same as pleasant, nie Yuan is depended on later ” the strategy that delay happiness ” break up red, mix nowadays the wife also is satisfactory very, and after Huang Yi experiences two paragraphs of marriage, also chose lone, I wish she the next time the choice is right, however to us these drama are confused for, although two people were to divide a hand, but their classical withheld forever however come down. ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” let a person bear in mind constantly, the most primary reason is good-looking still. It is an actor above all good-looking, gas of Li Yuhu a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is free and easy, about is more charming and moving, give an audience ideal explanation why to unique among his contemporaries for elegance and talent.

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The Du Bing wild goose of personate of small Li Lin, the eyes is exuding tenderness and love through eyes, sound is beautiful roll person more, it is the conventional beautiful woman on real significance. Encounter in temple when two people, what be admired by fine-looking Jing is them not merely, still have the everybody before screen, still charm still puts the wife of one’s teacher or master that wants to drive every day, the prosperous of the beautiful jade that be like a coronal makes the same score a princess, reduce the dumb younger sister of daughter of be the concubine that existence feels painstakingly, connect cruel and evil bad servant girl so beautiful also that let popular feeling quiver, arrive from costar leading role, it is each really gas of pretty beautiful Li Ling is threatening, and the motive that this must appreciate a director. To find these handsome male beautiful female, but the play staff ran 45 schools just choose an appropriate actor. However this drama is an actor not merely good-looking, the most beautiful still is integral atmosphere.

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Although regard as ancient occasionally of drama it is done not have to time setting so fastidious, but its take change however very attentively, this has to say the cloud of modelling division poplar of the play staff, the name is not familiar irrespective, then you read 87 edition certainly ” red Lou Meng ” of Liu Xiaoqing ” Wu Zetian ” , the directest contrast is two big female advocate, the modelling of Du Bing wild goose and Li Yuhu, li Yuhu is met military accomplishment is lively good move, have the heroic spirit of a daughter of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct quite, so her modelling more slant clever, and highborn Du Bing wild goose wants more dignified Wen Wan, it is certain to want female outfit to appear only the hair dish rise, the hair that gets on even the head is acted the role of more delicate than Li Yuhu also. Also have each characteristic each because of two people just about, when be the same as casing, so they just are met mutual set off, achieve add be more than the effect of 2.

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It is find a view also uses a heart all the more next, to highlight two female advocate married one south one north, one is in south city park find a view, one is in Beijing find a view of grand sight garden, the course that gets married repeatedly also considered. Of course a drama classical, also cannot leave the meritorious service of dub in background music naturally, composer bud bud is designed according to gut compose 16 song, make fun of except the ditty that still has Yangzhou in addition and yellow plum, these are not now absolutely is ancient occasionally drama can compare. Finally is gut compact, substitution of two girls each other is unripe, have fight curtilage, princess of battlefield, welcome chooses emperor’s son-in-law. One has 5 pairs of CP, do in 20 class entirely decided, put to now are 40 class afraid insufficient? That issue came, what is are you the deepest to this drama impression? The welcome leaves a message. This is article rear

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