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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” green gown ” on line ” , does He Lichun Gang have what kind of in the past? Tear making a person looks Zhang Reyun, Li Geng hopes, the teleplay that Hu Jun, Zhang Tianai acts the leading role ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” had replaced 28 part, the Xu Feng in new the plot of a play year fall asleep of calculate of mew be fizzlinged out by Zhao, see him mother is grey before oneself flying smoke destroys, under one anger dragon of day of the behead in the dream, comprehend one sword to open day door, destroyed directly day dragon, still inflicted heavy losses on yuan of god of Zhao Huang mew, can say to make a person exceedingly excited, specially good effect also was first time to reach the designated position.

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Across is breathed out breathe out a girl to will mount cliff directly, want assassinate Xu Feng year Zhao Jie and cliff of golden armour fetch down, this two although be done not have dead, but return meeting bayonet charge without doubt, it is Zhao Jie does not know the crisis that is him is coming also only. The Xu Xiao in the capital got imperial imperial edict, let Xu Feng year successive north cool kingship, country of large post of Xu brave take out this position, and Zhang Julu this is exceedingly malcontent, dan Ping letting Zhao returns dragon tiger hill, killed Xu Feng year He Zhaojie.

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Premonitory in Xu Feng year waited for group to head for Long Hu hill, the travel Zhao Huang Chaoyin that what make a person did not think of however is dragon tiger hill is yuan of god by Xu Feng year hurt, cannot make evil spirit, zhao Dan Ping appeared however, still want Xu Feng year enrage really from useless pieplant front courtyard, xu Feng year nature is not to agree to agree, before going up directly, Li Chungang protects Xu Feng year. As a result this Zhao Dan Ping mocks sword god unexpectedly there is a sword in the hand, hit a face to come very quickly however regrettablly, sword god Li Chungang points to at will, the admire sword of Zhao Dan Ping flies off directly, pointing to him himself.

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And Li Chungang looks at this one act, was immersed in memory however, in memory green gown ” go up line ” , in the bosom that falls in him later, the Li Chungang at that time is very young still, and this one act is the one act with the deepest impression of Gang of sword god Lichun, also should be the memory with his this the most painful all one’s life, because he killed a woman that loves his with one’s own hands, and he also is loving that woman.

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So Li Chungang and green gown having what kind of go? Green gown in danger sopt Li Chungang is encountered to fly first sword horizontal river, recite poems and cross, from this the heart gives birth to love. Right now green gown had not reviewed fierce, there are sword path and opponent only in Li Chungang’s heart, do not put the world person in the eye, it is green gown also be such. To earn the adore of sweetheart, green gown just drill one of Wu Daosi old great master, made a surname green gown, first of the demon head that became the world. Green gown of gift tall, all over the world is rare.

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A surname is green later gown challenge Li Chungang, by actual strength originally she won’t be defeated by Li Chungang too much, face Li Chungang to prick the one sword to her regrettablly, she is none counteractive, allow from this the sword is perforative her the pit of the stomach, li Chungang felt aching sense for the first time. Li Chungang is maintaining an umbrella in heavy rain, carrying hill of tiger of the dragon on her on the back, go make uniform black frame wants 9 turn Jin Dan, regrettablly green gown was in to death on the road that goes seeing Qi Xuan frame. Li Chungang told all truths before she is dead, so her father was in to death in Li Chungang’s hand, but she fell in love with personal enemy however, she says finally ” she is not vivid, she should die in Li Chungang’s bosom namely, if lived, it is stranger, she is not willing ” . Li Chungang and green gown the story makes a person lachrymal eye, worldly character 80 thousand, only affection word most injure a person.

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Li Chungang and neat black frame are talked later, because of green gown dead, sword heart covers this world, was set by neat black frame a hole, the state falls a thousand li, decline point to black state, be returned later and crossing-over of inclined cereal of the Sui Dynasty one arm, later restrict one, in north cool Wang Fu listens more than 20 years are taken under wet cabinet, because Li Chungang’s lifetime is green gown and produced tremendous change, and in fact he also because of green gown enter terrestrial immortal state again.

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He is in in origianl work level ground of badge mountain heavy snow saw Xuan Yuan respects a city the wife for oneself and daughter, big huge rock of He Xuan thill perish together, saw Xu Feng year for Xuan Yuan in rain Qing Feng maintains an umbrella, let him answer recall in former days a variety of, ” the sword comes ” , badge hill, dragon tiger hill sword of thousands of handle is vast and mighty and come, state of immortal of land of regain of Gang of Lichun of god of that day of sword.

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As to drama edition, premonitory in Li Chungang recollects green gown on dragon tiger hill, cry even went out ” the sword comes ” , make a person anxious, won’t be in Long Hu hill enters terrestrial immortal state again, if be adapted so, be afraid of only can make a person be accepted hard, the hope is matting this paragraph only, not be true ” the sword comes ” .

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