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Original title: She goes up path of 4 annual expenditure is 6 years old spring late, go abroad because of be being gone to by ridicule long after study abroad, female nowadays big 18 change The flower of a few years of Qian Yingbao 1000 bone are the whole people is a teleplay that chase after, small edit the scene that still remembers so that at that time we are defending TV now. And this teleplay is very pretty good really also, character and setting are exceedingly absorbing. And the part inside gets person reception exceedingly, have among them nevertheless prentice caused an audience people spit groove, this person is Liu Ziyi.

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To star people for, the should be project oneself opportunity that yearns for most, one can resemble the opportunity that the audience reveals. And can watch as the people of the whole country spring should be very good arena late. These year come spring late program also is sundry, and can above the dream that the performance should be a lot of people. Annual now besides the actor that go out, often also can invite a lot of children to sing dance, to the audience people show flower people youth and lively. Liu Ziyi also as it happens is among them, she is in 6 years old when entered arena, and the partner still becomes dragon eldest brother.

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This young woman student does not know respecting everybody admits to be not known, the childhood of leading role is her personate is in inside a lot of TV, and with her lovely appearance is mixed at that time lively disposition, also got a lot of welcomes. Also because such, a lot of play also are to like to look for her, and her deduction is experienced not as little as others also. As starlet, her endowment also is very tall, acting of discipline of small off year is exceedingly good, should the person photograph such as Yang Zi compares compose a quarrel to also won’t be differred now.

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Nevertheless when a lot of people let exceedingly amazed however when she appears before everybody again. Basically be in the flower her the appearance of an actor is to let a person do not like really inside 1000 bone, this she also is the leading role of teenager edition no longer, see her a lot of people ask the appearance at that time her after all was what to experience, look from TV simply black strong, with in one’s childhood she cannot be compared completely. Plus the hairpiece of the belt exceedingly inflexible also. Vermicelli made from bean starch of pardonable so much is spitting groove she. The controversy to her also goes up because of the network from the back, to year only she 14 years old caused very great harm, so final choice goes abroad will escape the condition at that time.

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Calculate nevertheless become bad to look, her acting or all the time on-line, this also makes a person more gratified. Went a few years nevertheless, she still also is met now and vermicelli made from bean starch is now and then interactive, also bask in the picture that gave oneself. Can see her figure from inside the picture or had held out, follow to be compared before a lot of thinner, dress yellow small skirt is taking hand bag to also have temperament exceedingly.

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So everybody also does not want not to believe, have really grown 18 change a such views, in child development when like to have a thing namely, so a bit fatter also be normal phenomenon. When after be brought up completely, the girl can have the consciousness that loves the United States, also become a lot of more good-looking before with respect to meeting comparing, is she what see her present be mixed 14 years old completely different? Drama of the following to her also movie and TV had everybody of a lot of expect.

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