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Original title: Year big play, manufacture without stannum! Year big play! Manufacture without stannum! ” between the world ” ” ace army ” fervent will raid! 20220102043805 61d12c2db800e “Big play sees total table ” — total stage of central broadcasting television 2022 teleplay piece odd news briefing is held in Beijing, the realistic contemporary theme that without great of garden of industry of stannic number movie project approving of road movie industry manufactures is big drama ” between the world ” as sow one of a list of plays to weigh a pound to appear beforehand, be about to be in 2022 the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day during at CCTV archives of a gold, love surprises art broadcast. Become limited company of medium of culture of astral epoch movie and TV by nimble of garden of industry of movie of the number that do not have stannum, the contemporary reality that limited company of medium of culture of movie and TV of times of the star that do not have stannum manufactures jointly teleplay of army brigade subject matter ” ace army ” defending in Jiangsu inspect, love is strange art wait for head platform heat to sow, CCTV – 2.633% successes publish Suo Furui viewing rate very, whole nation of real time viewing rate is ranked the first. ” between the world “20220102043805 61d12c2dcf8de Teleplay ” between the world ” adapt from well-known writer Liang Xiaosheng homonymic novel, ceng Rong obtains first award of literature of aegis of the 10th cogongrass, Lv Liang literary season ” award of Lv Liang literature ” , great of extensive of story base tamp, showed with artistic and Demosthenic form ” 50 years Chinese common people lives history ” . The placard of this Guan Xuan, superior quality falls to help time feeling and feelings move point-blank full, attract many audiences to leave a message bit of assist. “It is actor of actual strength clique, good really expect! ” ” wait not as good as, leave quickly sow! ” deduce line of common people struggling Shi Ying teleplay of grand and epic picture scroll ” between the world ” it is setting with true history, through a civilian community in northern city ” smooth word piece ” the life contrail of Zhou Jiasan sibling is story sequence of ideas, much angle, much azimuth, mutiple level ground depict the enormous changes of Chinese society and the free and easy that common people lives rise and fall, the life that presented changes of family of type of a China is epic. In drama, father week mark is strong (fourth Yong Dai is acted the role of) the older generation builder that is a Gong Miaozheng, cornstalk Zhou Bingyi (Xin Baiqing is acted the role of) answer national call, go and work in the countryside and mountain areas changes educated youth; Chengdu of firstborn daughter week (Song Jia is acted the role of) for pursuit ” poet ” love, go to live and work in a production team of country of Yuan Fugui city; Young son Zhou Bingkun (thunder favorable reply is acted the role of) stay in the city, become a worker one member… drama anthology is used true thick Li the brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy of exquisite life, depict the simple and unadorned that ten civilian children face life free and easy, genuine, tough character, show common person ” uncommon ” , deliver different warmth and hope. All exhibit kind-hearted impression to be ” times ” with ” common people ” picture ” between the world ” besides one numerous actual strength sends affection of senior actor bend to join in, more the craftsmanship of gold ordinary members of theatrical troupe with abundant actual strength is made. This play director holds total producer Li Lu concurrently to ever held a knife ” people’s name ” ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” wait for much ministry to divide an excellent work high, have the honor to win for many times ” golden eagle award ” ” flying Apsaras award ” wait for award of Chinese TV authority; Ceng Chuang has been made ” new marriage times ” Zuo of well-known screenwriter Wang Hai is elaborate burnish play, its work ever had the honor to win award of white yulan magnolia of Shanghai TV division the many authoritative award such as optimal playwrite. Besides, ever behead wins award of eagle of gold of TV of the 29th China the Wang Shaolin of optimal art award holds the position of art to coach, fine carve of carve of essence of life makes detail each times; ” arousal time ” the photography that waits for anthology of drama of high public praise is directive Zhang Wenjie assume personal command, make acme vision sumptuous dinner. 20220102043805 61d12c2de4868 Be worth what carry is, ” between the world ” take root at reality, reductive the the truest, deepest age model appearance, the great progress of eulogize reforming and opening and the stride that people lives promote, the fruit of the force of the struggle annals of describe China people, creation, development, credit the true strength of Chinese common people. In addition, this drama chooses to be in heavy pound of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day landed CCTV 2022, invite an audience already people answer the great exploit that hopes the nation revives hand in hand together, affectionate also those who showed common people scene of great of extensive of new to new era journey is eager expect. ” ace army “20220102043806 61d12c2e5a634 ” ace army ” arrive from motorization with Chinese army troops the historical course of mechanization, informatization is setting, tell about young soldier oneself of continuous go through the mill grows finally for army in the growing story of ace, show nearly 40 years to come to China the extraordinary years of army and experience of Chinese soldier place, be in strong army below changing times ictus, compose gives the military song of praise of a new era. Unlike before the army brigade drama with hep masses emphasizes particularly on show baronial battle scene, film more emphasize particularly on the emotion that shows a soldier, make the figure of every main character more stereo, round, of heart of will contemporary soldier firm with soft, decisive with exquisite bona fide expression gives an audience the group, have better real sense. This drama develops violent wind quickly after the net sows the line on platform to rise a list of names posted up total barrage quantity breaks the first string on the name inside 48 hours of stations 5 million20220102043806 61d12c2e9d1dd Heat topic causes complete gateway to note the authoritative medium such as bright daily, xinhua net to report ceaselessly20220102043806 61d12c2ed04b6 20220102043806 61d12c2ee5883 The big setting in times of digital economy, 5G leaves the system of modern film industry that holds to digital movie and TV to was development fixed position to build to perfect stage by stage field without industry of movie of stannic country figure in recent years garden area relies on oneself foundation advantage around ” digital movie and TV + the number is made + digital entertainment + , manufacture without stannum festal bully screen, want you good-looking20220102043807 61d12c2f15e68 Origin: The editor such as integrated China Lai a depressed place, bright daily: Release atelier without stannum

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