Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: By ancient costume drama black the actress that change, makeup look of Zhao Liying is the most good-looking, and she firm beautiful

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Zhao Liying: And everybody has seen Zhao Liying and Huo Jianhua collaboration film ” spend 1000 bone ” , and Zhao Liying is in this drama is heroine. And Zhao Liying also is depending on this drama to be encircled in recreation medium famous degree taller and taller.

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The Zhao Liying experience in this drama also is very deplorable, he is a very poor child originally, just was born to be driven by whole village go out, be adopted to come to Sichuan hill by his master later, but the life that lives special happiness, but the incident that encountered all sorts of misfortune, spend 1000 bone ceaseless black change.

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Black the flower after changing 1000 bone, cruel and evil, and makeup look of Zhao Liying also produced very big change. Especially he is final of red of this a suit coquettish makeup look, appear very sinister, black after changing, mix she is very kind-hearted the about of moment, formed very sharp contrast.

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Li Qin: Li Qin goes out acted ” Chu Qiao is passed ” , chu Qiao conducts the pattern that also is bully screen at that time, originally Li Qin is in drama of personate is a very pure princess. And the dress of dress also is exceedingly lively type, makeup look quietly elegant, but the country is abjection later, after she is bullied, li Qin begins black change.

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Black the Li Qin after changing, the makeup look of whole person produced very big change, mix with red more thick makeup give priority to. And Li Qin’s eyes also produced very big change, where to walk along to have a very heavy vent one’s ill feeling. Black although the Li Qin after changing is cruel and evil, but the person that is a special beauty however.

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