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Original title: ” discriminate is passed ” choose China the wife of a prince, the director wants to admire the actor that presses beautiful women or fragrant flowers, picking part surely formerly is not Jiang Xin

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Broadcasted 2012 ” discriminate is passed ” , double bumper harvest of viewing rate and public praise, it is afterwards ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” later the Gong Dou drama of another tall grading. This drama is the homonymic novel that adapts violet place of Lian of do as one pleases to write, tell about discriminate from one does not know well the story of the deep palace woman that the pure girl of affairs of human life grows to be good at seeking power for, grandson the discriminate of couple personate was to contribute very masterly acting really in drama, countless audiences are convinced by her, her person energy of life also begins to upsurge from here, acted the leading role one after another again after this drama ” Mi month is passed ” and ” that year the flower opens a month round ” two big female advocate drama.

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Nevertheless besides grandson the discriminate of couple personate, there still are a lot of depicts to get very wonderful part in drama, for instance Cai Shaofen’s empress, still have the China the wife of a prince of Jiang glad personate. China the wife of a prince is not like empress in that way scheming is dark, her a lot of worse it is to behave what go up in the face, one chooses an eyebrow, supercilious look, deduce the arrogant and domineering of China the wife of a prince racily. China the wife of a prince is admittedly abominable, but she also has pitiful place, she gave an emperor sincerely, the affection that just knows him before die finally is false nevertheless. This part is having China the wife of a prince versatility, jiang Xin performs this role with his acting lived, this drama also makes one of her delegate work.

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Choosing horny level at the outset nevertheless, at the beginning the part that Jiang Xin is arranged is Cao noble, it is that bears side imperial concubine beside China the wife of a prince. But him Jiang Xin is right this part is interested in China the wife of a prince quite, see the actor that tries lens China the wife of a prince is trying play, jiang Xin feels she acts incorrectly, put forward with the director, say to want to try China the wife of a prince this part, direct pair of Jiang Xin at that time not quite value, because they want to look for to be able to admire,press the actor of beautiful women or fragrant flowers, because be in,the wife of a prince of origianl work China is grows very beautifully imperial concubine, jiang Xin discloses say the play staff still wants to look for others of purpose at that time.

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The director sees Jiang Xin perform China the wife of a prince of purpose, gave her the chance, let her perform a paragraph to look, next Jiang Xin acted, after the director has looked, feel to hold out satisfaction, let Jiang Xin finally take this chance really. The fact proves Jiang Xin does not have the credit that disappoint directs, she this part performs a China the wife of a prince well came out, had become to nowadays classical.

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