Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Because drill dance is directed to take a fancy to, she goes out 20 years however unknown to public, nowadays 37 years old lone still

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Recreational group is a very complex place, a lot of people also had understood, the likelihood stars red with not red just form inside very short time. However some people go to make however old not quite fire, today for us also for an actor, she calls Liu Bing , she goes out to also have 20 old, but so long had not left very deep impression to the masses as before however. Liu Bing and tall round circle two people also are a good friend, but what differ with tall round circle is, liu Bing is not lukewarm all the time in recreational group not of fire. Some more advanced year, she also once broke out incident to let everybody have a few attentions to her because of one picket.

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It is reported in those days Liu Bing is in 3 inferior be in together with the friend amuse oneself, follow the security personnel at that time when jockey nevertheless there were a few stick to one’s positions between utterance, she what regard the public as the character after all, in this thing by exposure later, also appear personally excuse, a lot of netizens also think to be able to include at that time she. Once Liu Bing is called Liu Xiyuan, she also is to be born in an artistic family. Accepting very good education as a child, after she later learned dance, parents also saw her the endowment of this respect, she had gone to art school going to school when 10 years old, she 16 years old is taken an examination of went up a professional institute of Beijing.

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Graduate in her in those days before today when rehearse dancing, her dance movement drew a mysterious person actually, and this individual is ” the trainee’s story ” director, this work also is she is on screen for the first time, still knew a lot of good friends. She nowadays already many years old 30, but still be lone up to now one person, want oneself to feel happiness is enough only nevertheless. What view to have again to this everybody? Welcome everybody to comment on an area to undertake leaving a message interacting beneath, like small make up do not forget bit of assist to add attention, support and encourage what thank everybody finally.

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