Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Ceng Gong pole she temporarily, shine with wealthy businessman marriage is retired recreational group, reappear for repay a debt today take sport Ceng Gong pole she temporarily, shine with wealthy businessman marriage is retired recreational group, reappear for repay a debt today take sport. Speak of Xie Yuqing, believe to 80 hind the audience, scarcely will be unfamiliar, recreation of well-known Hong Kong encircles the activity that choose the United States to exist all the time, xie Yuqing chooses beautiful activity in ” of young lady of Asia of the first ” in, by right of excellent performance with one action obtains Ji Jun, have disposition young lady and the most strong and handsome young lady most 3 award. In 80 time, xie Yuqing she and humeral curl, about is gorgeous at that time, it is the infrequent Hong Kong actress that already brains has a figure again.

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Give the Xie Yuqing after the path, first work acts with ginseng of main actor identity, regrettablly the market is resonant flatly, in recreation the circle is hit after going all out many years, xie Yuqing develops all the time not quite. Became famous to let oneself can be encircled in recreation, after the course considers repeatedly, xie Yuqing walks up ” colourful star ” this road, at that time market of this type film a blank. Did not think of foliaceous jade Qing Ping is worn ” trilogy ” begin to have one’s moment, the Xie Yuqing after having one’s moment knows very well this road eats green meal, very fast with famous degree march musical circle, transition is subsequently successful, become a singer.

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The success on the career, let Hu Zhaoming of businessman of Xie Yuqing foreign citizen of Chinese origin, inadequacy of two people understanding shines one year marriage, to Xie Yuqing’s past, the husband did not care. And Xie Yuqing was to abandon him career more, follow husband is resident the United States. The Yo after two people marriage has 3 children, xie Yuqing begins to live rich too the life, in godchild of home photograph husband. During this, ever somebody asks whether Xie Yuqing reappears, but be received by refus directly.

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Regrettablly ” something unexpected may happen any time ” , be thwarted of career of Xie Yuqing’s husband, the business glides serious, the travel agent that participates in investment also has gone bankrupt, can say be heavily in debt. To cast off this kind of predicament at an early date, xie Yuqing of 16 years begins breath film the choice reappears the repay a debt that take sport. Nowadays Xie Yuqing of many years old 50, do not have already in those days fame, remuneration is reduced many, although say frankly,the remuneration that take sport has 850 thousand only, but but very enjoy pat piece. To Ceng Shigong extremely temporarily colourful star, shine with wealthy businessman marriage exit recreational group, reappear for repay a debt nowadays take sport, the view with different what do you have?

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