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Original title: ” ordinary also ” Ji Ping is informed him identity accidentally, weigh a fist to hit out to Ji Tingshan, admit finally with photograph of Xiao Jianguo father and son Ji Ping actually to admit with photograph of Xiao Jianguo father and son, weigh a fist to hit out to Ji Tingshan, ” ordinary also ” sowing in heat nowadays, true identity of Ji Ping also rises to surface eventually. Nevertheless Xiao Jianguo wants to be approbated with his son photograph not simple, because be in,season bore several human life on smooth body. At the outset Ji Tingshan the son of spirit away Xiao Jianguo, those who be is to see the situation nowadays.

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Be in in those days Li Qian in the dark, mo Wenhua is borne for the murderer went up accusation, be in finally oneself 100 Mo Bian when with the wife choice commit suicide dies. And the little brother Mowensheng that true identity of Ji Tingshan is Mo Wenhua, that is the accusation that bears because of the elder brother bring about their family to cannot live in the village, the abroad before then he is chosen to taking son Ji Fan of the elder brother lives.

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When leave his spirit away Xiao Jianguo’s son, xiao Jianguo is was gotten on with respect to suspicion by spirit away hind in the son Mo Wensheng, can wait finally those who come is the message that the ship that they cross secretly dies however. From this, he thinks his son also died together as Mo Wensheng namely. Be placed so high-keyly in Xiao Jianguo when two murder case nevertheless before when, he realized Mo Wensheng to had come back.

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It is so in newest gut, when Ji Tingshan finds the Xiao Jianguo of desert, he knew true identity of Ji Tingshan, and be in of Ji Tingshan inform below, he still was informed the son that original Ji Ping is him, when him nevertheless saw with one’s own eyes was witnessed when Ji Ping wants killing Liu Yang, he however not dare before go admitting, however to protect this already be scattered son of 27 years, he chose himself to assume this to have serial bloodguilty crime.

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But what he does not know is, ji Ping is actually early the identity that knew oneself, he complies with Ji Tingshan’s arrangement starts this conspiratorial and real reason is to want to protect Xiao Jianguo, because he wants to use Ji Tingshan’s plot, taking Xiao Jianguo to escape together abroad, but do not have in the plan however when when, ji Tingshan told Xiao Jianguo the truth, and Xiao Jianguo is made the same score to protect season was to assume responsibility actively.

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After everything what see one’s own father is done for oneself, ji Ping also is driven beyond forbearance again, used all sorts of methods and detail to point to all evidence Ji Tingshan then. Pass police after finding out, was locked up to decide a goal, final Ji Tingshan is chained and thrown into prison, ji Ping and Xiao Jianguo are father and son admits. When the abroad before can putting forward to want to take Xiao Jianguo when Ji Ping lives, xiao Jianguo’s abrupt however suddenly turn hostile puts forward to yield the proposal that he confesses his crime actively to Ji Ping.

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Ji Ping is in eventually cast off hold after accusing, do not wish reentry jail. Xiao Jianguo does not want to see Ji Ping again such one fault is again wrong go down, disclosed all his evidence of a crime actively entirely come out, absolutely of every allowing s surname wants be a holiday actually to those who be less than is the father that with oneself a very short time gets along and elder brother, but when facing the truth and justice, he still captured them with one’s own hands. Everybody thinks to should be punished in drama truly who should be?

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